Kathy Griffin’s Grotesque Stunt Allegedly Traumatizes Barron Trump

As if Kathy Griffin’s tasteless publicity stunt from yesterday weren’t already heinous enough, the actress’ actions have allegedly great much grief in the Trump household.

For those who weren’t privy to the events of yesterday, self-proclaimed D-list celebrity Kathy Griffin released a photograph in which she was seen holding a prosthetic effect in the likeness of a bloody and gruesome decapitation of U.S. President Donald Trump.  While the actress is well known for her liberal beliefs and hatred of Donald Trump, her stunt was universally lambasted by the left and right like as distasteful, gory, and classless.  Making the entire experience even less palatable was the knowledge that Griffin, in the twilight of her career, was desperately gambling on this stunt to open some final doors for her as a comedienne.

One infrequently reported effect of Griffin’s horrendous imagery was the psychological effect that it had on Donald Trump’s 11 year old son Barron.

“As much as we want the minor children of presidents to be ‘off limits,’ it’s impossible to shield them from everything … especially the really awful stuff. Case in point: Barron Trump and the despicable photo of the despicable Kathy Griffin holding the bloody and “decapitated” head of Donald Trump.

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TMZ is reporting that young Barron, 11, was watching TV at home yesterday when he saw the image of his father.

“‘Trump family sources tell us Barron was in front of the TV watching a show when the news came on and he saw the bloody, beheaded image. We’re told he panicked and screamed, “Mommy, Mommy!”'”

The President himself even alluded to the incident in a tweet that indicated his son’s ordeal:

The left has consistently found themselves knee deep with a shovel in the gutter during the Presidency of Donald Trump.  Hollywood’s extreme liberal bias hasn’t redeemed the democrats in the least, further provoking their descent into delinquency and malfeasant moral ineptitude.  Of note have been fellow female comedians Sarah Silverman and Amy Schumer who have both contributed their own unacceptably tasteless humor into the canon of anti-Trump sentiment emanating from Tinsel Town.

Understandably, having been unable to secure victory for the damaged and corrupt Hillary Clinton has sent democratic surrogates in the entertainment industry into overdrive, as these bratty and pretentious pontificators deal in filth and gore to make their unwarranted opinions known.

Griffin has already been canned from her role with CNN in the wake of the gruesome act, and will likely lose far more support after new of Barron Trump’s reaction spreads across news platforms.

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