Kathy Griffin’s Gross Display is Exactly What’s Wrong with Liberal Politics Today

The always interesting journalist Benny Johnson has some keen insight into the recent bit of mockery that Kathy Griffin put on display with her “art-piece” faux-beheading of Donald Trump.

But before we get to Benny’s take, I’d like for you to think about the political world in which we live today. Liberal college students are demanding that free speech on college campuses come to an end. Liberals violently protest in the streets. Supposedly, non-violent liberals tell anyone who will listen that it’s okay to “punch” a Nazi, and that everyone who disagrees with liberals is indeed a “Nazi.” College campuses protest and ban mainstream conservatives from speaking on their campuses, and even moderate/liberal Republicans find themselves antagonized by the leftist students. Old libertarian men, middle-aged conservative women, young socially liberal but economically conservative men have all been attacked, mocked, derided, spat upon, cursed, and worse by these horrid liberal fascists.

This is the world that liberals have created today… so why should anyone be surprised when Kathy Griffin takes a picture pretending that she’s just chopped off the President’s head?

Benny Johnson explains:

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Do you think this photo is OK? Fine. Lets talk through a few things.

I don’t typically play the ‘Imagine if a Republican Did This’ game, but it’s becoming harder & harder to take people seriously.

Consider what would happen if a Emmy & Grammy award-winning celebrity, who is also a part-time CNN commentator, posed proudly with a bloody, decapitated head of Obama 130 days into his Presidency?

I bet you can guess.

The levels of existential meltdowns & garment tearing inside the chattering-class would reach Defcon 10.

Shame. Firing. Banishment. Loss of future, just to start.

And it would be rightly deserved. The act of glorifying a President’s decapitation should make the most rock-ribbed partisans recoil in horror, because… decency.

Let’s say you disagree with me & you think President Trump deserves this.

Can you at least admit that the President is a human & this dehumanizes him on a level that is dangerous? Like, glorifying his death. You know, Trump has a 11 year-old son? Would you wish *anyone’s* innocent 11 year-old to see the dramatization of their parent’s beheading?

Oh, you still think it’s fine?

Ok, forget Trump. On the very basic, human level, can we agree that a handfull of *Americans* have been actually, publicly decapitated at the hands of ISIS on YouTube in very recent memory? Not to mention countless of thousands of other Christians & Muslims alike. So to glorify the barbaric action is perhaps disrespectful to the dead?

Still don’t agree with me?

Can you name one thing this does to help our political discourse, like, even a little bit?

You can’t because, like much of our dialogue, this is intended to raise the stakes. It’s intended to inflame Trump supporters & make them seethe. It’s intended to disgrace the office of the Presidency & dehumanize the person who holds it.

If you support it, you’re a bad person & you’re playing a dangerous game with our democracy.

He’s right.

Benny Johnson hits the nail on the head and exposes the real problem with the current political debate. Many (not all) of our liberal opponents are “bad” people. They don’t care about debating policy, morality, or politics. They only care about forcing their way of life upon us. Today’s liberal party in America is infected with more “bad” people than ever before and our nation is suffering dearly because of it.

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