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Kathy Griffin’s Career Is Over After Beheading Stunt, Comedienne Deemed Unemployable

Comedic has-been Kathy Griffin seemingly  committed  career suicide last week with a publicity stunt in which she acted out the ISIS-inspired beheading of President Donald Trump.

The gruesome and gory set of photographs landed on the world wide web with a furious fervor, as conservatives and liberals alike expressed their rage and disgust with the self-proclaimed “D-list” actress.  The photo, which was purposefully created to appear as realistic as possible, not only caused heavy cringing among the adults exposed to it, but young Barron Trump, son of the President, reportedly saw the photo for the first time on television and believed for a moment that it could have been real.  He calmed down only after his mother, and First Lady, Melania Trump explained that it was merely special effects.

While the stunt itself was horrifically distasteful, even for a comedienne so pointedly liberal as Griffin, the photos indicate a departure from common decorum among democrats that threatens our very political system.  If a political enemy is allowed to be treated such as Trump is being treated in these first few months of his presidency, then what will be off-limits down the road?

Luckily for us, a vast majority of Americans understand just how awful Kathy Griffin’s photoshoot really was, and, at this point, it looks as though the liberal twerp has been forced into early retirement.

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“Squatty Potty is a little plastic stool you put under your feet when taking a No. 2. The stool helps ‘mimic a perfect squat’ while also having an ‘ideal foot position for maximum comfort.’ Now available in Slim Teak ($59.99) and Tao Bamboo ($69.99).

 “Yes, that was Kathy Griffin’s only sponsor. And we’re not saying that the 56-year-old whose career imploded after she released a picture of herself holding a bloody severed head modeled after President Trump isn’t perhaps the perfect spokesman for Squatty Potty. We’re just noting that SquaPa decided to give Griffin her walking (toilet) papers.

“So, that’s everyone. CNN (after waiting nearly a day) decided to can Griffin from her annual New Year’s Eve appearance (where she flips people the bird and makes Anderson Cooper giggle like a school girl). And every single one of her upcoming gigs for her comedy show has been canceled. Every. Single. One.”

Griffin earlier attempted to salvage what was left of her paltry career with a poorly acted whimper-fest in which she spewed forth a monsoon of crocodile tears and attempted to claim that the President was targeting her specifically, working to ruin her career.

Unfortunately for Griffin, it is extremely obvious who ruined what little was left of her career selling fecal delivery devices, and the unfunny actress will need nothing more than a mirror to know the truth.


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