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Kathy Griffin Gets Snarky Over Secret Service Attention

It’s bad enough that we’ve had to deal with Kathy Griffin’s unwarranted opinion floating about the politi-sphere these last few years, but now the lunatic liberal is complaining about the attention she’s getting…from the Secret Service.

For those of us who don’t fully remember, (or comprehend), why Kathy Griffin is suddenly so infamous, let us remind you.

Kathy Griffin wants everyone to know she’s really not sorry for posing with a bloodied Trump mask.

The comedian, who already took back her apology for the offensive photo shoot, said in a new interview she “didn’t do anything wrong.”

“I took a picture that you or anyone of your friends could make,” she told the Guardian. “I put it online and was under federal investigation for conspiracy to assassinate the President of the United States of America. I didn’t do anything wrong. It’s insane and I truly believe if it happened to me it could happen to you.”

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“I will not be convinced this was not a straight-up case of sexism and ageism. I really think Trump went for me because I was an easy target,” Griffin told the Guardian.

And, of course, here’s the photo to which Griffin is referring:

Kathy Griffin

I don’t know about you, but this sort of thing is entirely inexcusable in my book.  Griffin’s nonchalant depiction of the President of the United States having been decapitated as if he were some sort of common ISIS victim was not without consequences either, leading the desensitization efforts of the liberal left.  Shortly after the photo was released, James T. Hodgkinson attempted the assassination of the entire GOP charity baseball team.

Griffin, whose career has always been full of controversy and confusion, at first apologized for the incident, then shaved her head in an odd, Britney Spears-style meltdown before eventually reneging on her sentiment.  Now, after being devoid of limelight for well over a year, Griffin is crawling back to the public who shunned her by insinuating that Donald Trump is using the Secret Service to harass her.

On the investigation of the photo, host Brad Mielke asked, “You were cleared of any wrongdoing by the Secret Service, but you did say the investigation dragged on for months, and you have said this goes all the way to the White House. Are you saying that the president personally directed federal agents to investigate you?”

Griffin said, “Of course.”

Mielke pressed saying, “You think he said ‘let’s sic those guys on Kathy Griffin, let’s make her life miserable.’”

Griffin answered, “Yes. You know how he works.”

She continued, “You know, he has a vendetta against certain people. Like I said, it’s unprecedented in the history of the United States that a sitting United States president has used the full power of the Oval Office, first family, obviously Fox News and the right-wing media, TMZ, which reported my tour cancellations in real time, which has never happened, and put me under a two month investigation where I possibly could have been charged with conspiracy to assassinate the president of the United States. It’s never happened.”

I don’t know about you, but crocodile tears from Kathy Griffin have about as much use for me as hairs on a frog.

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