John Kasich

John Kasich Apparently Agrees With Obama On This Huge Issue

Some issues are difficult for us to navigate successfully. There are many things that need to be considered. We must take all things into account and then decide what is the most logical and moral thing to do in this case.

This is one of the problems that we deal with when it comes to illegal immigration. We are not dealing with an illegal substance or product; we are dealing with human beings. These are people, and most of them are seeking to simply improve their lot. Much like our own ancestors, these people have come here to give themselves and their families a shot at a better life.

So when we hear GOP Candidate John Kasich say that the illegal Immigrant is made in the image of God, we should instantly understand what he is trying to say. We know that we cannot simply throw all of these people into the same group. But, we can take this too far. Just as Kasich did today.

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The Washington Times reports

Gov. John Kasich defended Monday his support of an immigration overhaul that includes the legalization of nonviolent illegal immigrants, telling supporters on the eve of the Ohio primary that it is unrealistic to think that the federal government is going to boot illegal immigrants out of the country.

Kasich seems to think along the lines of the current administration. Since they are here, we might as well let them stay. We can just make them legal. That way we can reward their law-breaking.

It seems that Kasich thinks that since it is a hard and unpleasant thing that we should not do it. Who cares about the law? Besides, we could never do that.

The Times continues

“Here is the fact, you don’t actually think folks that we are going to drive around in Canton, Ohio, and yank people out of their homes and ship them to Mexico, leaving their kids on their front porch? You really think that is going to happen?” Mr. Kasich said, sparking a response of “No!” from the crowd. “Of course it is not going to happen. So I am trying to come up with the best way. It is called common sense.”

No, it’s called lawlessness. Since our Constitution sets our country up to be a country of laws rather than a country of men, this should not even be considered. If we want to allow illegals into the country, why not just abolish all immigration laws? We might as well, our politicians are not willing to enforce them.

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