Karl Rove Wants President-Elect Trump to Kiss Paul Ryan’s Ring

Did you see Rove on election night?

Karl Rove never misses an opportunity to attempt to appear relevant. Unbelievable.

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Karl Rove will always speak for Team Establishment. Team Establishment died a long time ago. Unfortunately, Turd Blossom didn’t get the message. Paul Ryan has not only continued Boehner’s bidding, he’s been active in undermining Trump from the beginning. There’s also strong evidence that Paul Ryan was behind the leaked tape. 

Listening to the exchange on Fox News between Tucker Carlson and Karl Rove was very telling too. Karl Rove was quick to defend Paul Ryan and also quick to regurgitate the audio tape leaked to the Clinton Camp.

Paul Ryan’s behavior these last couple of days prove that he’s trying very hard to repair the damage he’s created.

Paul Ryan has gone from trying to get Hillary elected to sucking up to Trump in a short span of 72 hours. This is more then obvious. It tells us that Paul Ryan’s days are numbered. Ryan’s scared and everyone knows it. It’s panic time.

I love how Rove and Fox News insist that Trump must take their bad advice.

Trump needs to reach out. He needs to change his behavior and language. Trump needs to kiss Paul Ryan’s ring. He needs to bow down and graciously thank Paul Ryan.  Ryan is universally despised. Paul Ryan is about to lose his house seat. Karl Rove and company are trying desperately to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Karl Rove has been crushed by Donald Trump.

He’s been crushed and he doesn’t know it. Rove doesn’t realize that  Trump has totally blown up the Establishment Fitzgerald and it’s at the bottom of the lake. He still thinks he’s high atop his Establishment perch and will be this big player who will push, mold and shape Trump.  He’s got another thing coming.

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