Karl Rove Claims Trump Should Thank Paul Ryan

Why should Trump thank Paul Ryan for Wisconsin when he didn’t even need it?

This video of Karl Rove claiming that Donald Trump must thank Paul Ryan for his victory is the most bizarre thing I think I have seen in this bizarre campaign.

Here’s the transcript of Rove’s claim from Real Clear Politics:

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Well if he is winning Wisconsin, he ought to thank two people. Governor Scott Walker, and Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan. Because they have built in that state a political machine through Walker’s races, that extends from the top to the bottom and is better organized than probably any state in the country. They have every precinct covered, they have all of people, they have all the technology, they have all of the enthusiasm, all of the leadership and they executed it.

If I were Sean Hannity, I would not be recommending that if Donald Trump wins the first thing he does is pick a fight with the House of Representatives and try to get Paul Ryan out. Paul Ryan is probably one of the big reasons why he carried Wisconsin tonight. And not only that a newly elected president does not need to start by opening up a civil war with legislative branch of his party.

Where does one even start with this?

In the first place, Ryan could not even win his own state from Barack Obama for Mitt Romney in 2012. It is much more reasonable to believe that Ryan owes a great deal to Donald Trump for Republican victories in the state than that Trump should thank Ryan for his win.

Wisconsin has 10 electoral college votes. Donald Trump won with 279 so far, but it looks like he is sure to win Arizona as well, and maybe Michigan. Thus, it appears that Donald Trump did not even need Wisconsin.

And who started the “civil war”? It was Paul Ryan! Not Trump.

Thus, Tuck Carlson responds:

I am not arguing against Paul Ryan. He’s in a very tough spot. Paul Ryan is an honorable guy and I think he will do his best to accommodate this new world but it is a grotesque overstatement to say he is responsible for Donald Trump’s winning Wisconsin. He was mocking Trump. He was making the point crystal clear that he thought that Trump was kind of morally indefensible. Which is a real point. But you can’t say — this happened in spite of the wishes –

At this point Karl Rove interrupts and twists Carlson’s words as if he was talking about the tape being “morally defensible.” No, he was claiming that Trump as a person was morally defensible despite an immoral audio recording from over a decade ago (when Trump was a progressive).

Rove is completely undisciplined and defensive in this interaction. He plainly did not expect a Donald Trump victory and does not know how to respond to it.

I can understand. Rove discovered in the middle of his TV appearance that this was his public retirement. He is no longer the demographic and polling expert of the Republican Party. That honor now belongs indisputably to Kellyanne Conway.

Congratulations to her!

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