Karen Handel Victory Speech, Democrat Depression Sets In

On Tuesday Republican Karen Handel (R-GA) defeated Democrat carpetbagger Jon Ossoff (D-GA) in the race to represent Georgia’s 6th District in the House.

It was a hard fought race that saw more money spent than any Congressional race in American history. The two candidates combined spent over $50 MILLION, and Ossoff’s losing campaing spent about $30 Million of that total. In the wake of her victory Handel thanked the GOP leadership for their help and promised the voters that she would always work hard for them. Handel also went out of her way to thank President Trump for his support, a message that likely tweaked many in the media who had spent the last week arguing that Handel was avoiding President Trump.

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The President was quick to congratulate the new Congresswoman:

On CNN, elections guru Larry Sabato had some grim news for the Democrat Party.

The bigger picture to me is that the 2018 Congressional elections are a year and a half away and a million things can happen that can change the picture. For Democrats obviously, it’s pretty depressing. That’s the word I’ve seen on Twitter more than any other from Democrats about the result. I think if Democrats learn a lesson from this election, it’s that the euphoria that they felt for the last several months as Donald Trump has fallen in the polls and they began to believe that this would be not easy but doable to take over the House of Representatives and eventually replace Donald Trump, that euphoria is gone and it’s replaced with reality. And the reality is, it’s going to be a long twilight struggle. Day in and day out if they’re going to be able to retake the House and eventually defeat Donald Trump. iI won’t be easy. It may not be possible but it certainly won’t be easy.

As depressed as the Democrats are today, the GOP should be euphoric. Now is the time for the GOP to begin pressing their case and passing major legislation (or repealing major legislation). They have not lost a single “soldier” from Congress and they still have a HUGE majority in the House and a decided advantage in the Senate. The American voters have not only elected them to Congress, they’ve also handed the GOP the White House to ensure that their legislation doesn’t get vetoed. Now, in recent days they’ve won 4 special elections in a row and the voters have reinforced the idea that the GOP should be moving forward with the agenda that they promised the American people. Repeal Obamacare, cut taxes and reform our tax system, cut spending, and get America working again.

Now is the time.

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