Kanye West

Kanye West’s Latest Twitter Tirade Has Liberals Flummoxed and Furious!

We have long been discussing the possibility that Americans are undergoing a mass conservative awakening in the 2010’s, and that just isn’t sitting well with some people.

The liberals, for instance, have absolutely lost their minds.

That’s a group of educated voters who were so incensed by the idea that a, gasp, republican was in the White House, that they organized an event to gather and shout at the sky.  This isn’t The Onion, but the mere fact that this sort of distinction must be made is alarming in and of itself.

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But the nation is turning right following the election of Donald Trump, a citizen president of the most unorthodox sort, who is wooing even some of his staunchest opponents with his brash success from the Oval Office.

CNN host Erin Burnett said almost regrettably admitted Thursday it would be incontrovertible that President Trump would go down as a “great president” if he solved this decades old foreign policy problem.

“Just an extraordinary evening and of course opening the door to the big question,” Burnett said, closing out her panel discussion on North Korea.

“If President Trump can truly solve this problem,” she said, “that would be going down as a great president, and there’s no way around around that, that is the reality here.”

And solve that problem he did, with Kim Jong Un coming to the table for full denuclearization just last week, begging the question:  What is the left so mad about?

Now, even eccentric rapper and latest Kardashian victim Kanye West is giving the nation a bump in the Trump direction, after a series of erratic tweets.

And this one seems meant for a certain female presidential candidate who can’t stop “reminiscing”.

This, of course, brought Twitter to its knees, as the left attempted to make heads or tails of the common sense that was now pouring from the man who made a living interrupting Award Shows.

And then there’s the writing on the wall that this user reminds us of:

So, with iconic musicians such as Kanye West practically outing himself as a Trump fan, and Justin Timberlake trading his dance-pop in for campfire songs, are we really seeing the American culture take on a pride of its own?  Is this the Trump effect, or is this some other mutation of the American Dream altogether?  We may never know the answer, much like we may never know what was going through Kanye West’s mind when he leapt on stage to humiliate Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, and himself back in 2013.


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