Kanye West

Kanye Makes Predictably Bizarre, but Charming Speech at White House

Over the course of the last few days, we’ve spent an inordinate amount of time pondering a possible “bromance” between President Trump and Kanye West.

West is, of course, the eccentric and often unexplainable hip hop superstar who has only created more controversy after marrying Kim Kardashian some years ago.  Known for his outspoken nature, West has been an openly vocal supporter of President Trump, noting that he believed both shared a similar “dragon energy”.

Now, after Kanye had lunch with the Commander in Chief today, an impromptu presser occurred, with West delivering one of his signature diatribes.

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I will warn you, there is some offensive language ahead.

“Trump is on his hero’s journey right now,” West said. “He might not have thought he’d have a crazy m****r-f***er like Kanye West run up and support, but best believe — we are going to make America great.”

West wore Trump’s campaign MAGA hat, urging Americans to rally around the president. He said that the hat was his “superman cape” allowing him to do whatever he wanted.

“We have to release the love throughout the entire country and give opportunities,” he said.

Kanye was recently “bullied” backstage at Saturday Night Live before then being racially slurred one CNN by a number of guest of Don Lemon, who was giggling maniacally as the derogatory language flew.

As for Kanye’s original statement regarding running for President in 2020…

When reporters asked Trump if he believed that West could be a presidential candidate, Trump replied, “Could very well be.”

“Only after, 2024,” West replied.

And what did the President think of the whole thing?

Trump praised Kanye’s remarks, which had to be edited by TV censors before it was aired on cable news.

“He can speak for me any time he wants. He’s a smart cookie,” he said. “He gets it.”

“It was from the soul,” West replied, “I just channeled it.”

And, is if to seal the deal, the entire meeting ended with Kanye West hugging the President and telling onlookers that “I love this guy right here”.


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