WOW: You Won’t Believe How Many Guns Were Sold Last Month in the U.S.

Mass shootings and terrorist attacks always prompt politicians to call for more gun control, and citizens to go and stock up on guns and ammo. The more politicians call for more infringements, the more people buy firearms. Liberals claim that gun-owners are being paranoid for stocking up on weaponry. (But are they being paranoid if politicians really are out to get them and their guns?)

Breitbart reported:

New FBI figures show June 2016 is the 14th consecutive month of record background checks for gun sales.

The previous FBI record for June — set in June 2015 — was 1,529,057. The number of background checks in June 2016 was 2,131,485.

According to the FBI figures, this means June 2016 saw more background checks than any June since background checks began in 1998. Breitbart News previously reported that the record-breaking streak began in May 2015, only to have May 2016 exceed the number of background checks performed a year earlier.

People are buying up weapons and ammo, because of the perception that Democrats are the party of gun control. That’s one promise by Democrats in power that they won’t renege on.

They’re always first on the scene of some mass shooting to promise the country more regulations and restrictions on firearms – infringements that won’t do anything to convince criminals not to commit horrific acts.

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But that’s not the only reason. People see that the government is incapable of protecting Americans from terrorist attacks such as the ones we’ve seen recently in Orlando and San Bernardino. If the government can’t be expected to protect the country, then we have no choice but to arm ourselves for our own defense.

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