July Firearms Sales Hit Another Record thanks to Hillary and Obama

There are several givens that seem to remain fixed in the issue of guns and gun rights. Liberal Democrats like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton will not relax until they disarm the American people. Truly patriotic Americans will continue to fight for their constitutional rights, including the Second Amendment right to own and bear arms. The third given is that the more the liberal Democrats fight to ban and restrict firearm purchases and ownership, the more guns will be purchased by the American people.

During Obama’s seven years of leadership, he has pushed national socialist healthcare down our throats, and worked hard to destroy Christianity, fossil fuel industry, marriage and family foundations as well as the firearm industry and the Second Amendment rights of the American people to own and bear firearms.

The more Obama and his fellow socialists have tried to ban, restrict and do away with firearms, the better gun sales are. Thanks to Obama and company, the firearm industry has been doing a booming business, often setting one sales record after another.

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Black Friday 2015, the state of Georgia set a record with 1.9 million background checks for firearm related purchases. By the end of November 2015, the number of background checks, used to indicate number of firearms sales, had already exceeded to figures for all of 2015.

Now, Hillary Clinton has picked up the anti-gun mantra of the liberals. Even though she is protected by armed security everywhere she goes, she continues to push to deny every American of having the same type of protection.

According to the latest report by the NRA:

“According to the latest figures, there were 16,026,760 firearm-related background checks conducted by the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) during the first seven months of 2016, an increase of nearly four million, or 33 percent, over the 12,067,075 checks conducted during the same period in 2015.”

“…There were 2,197,169 checks in July 2016, 37 percent more than in July 2015 and more, by an even greater margin, than in any July in previous years.”

“July 2016 was the 15th consecutive month in which the number of checks set a record for the month. That is, there were more checks in May 2015 than in any previous May, more in June 2015 than in any previous June, and so on, through July 2016.”

“At the present rate, there will be over 31 million checks in 2016, 800,000 more than in 2015 and more, by even greater margins, than in previous years. However, as people increasingly pay attention to this year’s presidential contest and Clinton’s stance on gun control, firearm acquisitions may increase at an even greater rate over the next several months.”

There is no way to tell just how many guns there are in the United States but most sources say that there are more guns than people, and considering that today’s population is nearly 319 million, that’s a lot of guns. As long as leaders like Clinton and Obama have control of the helm in Washington DC, gun sales will continue to set record after record, making it harder and harder for the anti-American liberals to disarm and conquer the American people. I guess that’s about the only positive we have reaped from Obama’s tenure in the White House and the only positive of Hillary’s current poll numbers.

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