Roy Moore

Judge Roy Moore Takes on McConnell’s “Slime” In New Election Ad

Donald Trump has been a harbinger of trouble for the Washington elite in his first few months in office, and that sentiment is spreading.

The trickle-down takedown of Washington’s established and entrenched has been a top priority for the swamp-draining Donald, as he continues to ruffle feathers and shake the Beltway Boy’s Club to its core.  This has never been more apparent than now, after Congressional leaders failed miserably to comply with the American voters’ wishes regarding Obamacare.

Now, we are seeing a number of anti-establishment candidates across the nation rising to prominence in response.  One such maverick, (and an actual maverick; not a RINO McCain “maverick”), is Judge Roy Moore of Alabama who released this gem of an ad this week:

The ad’s script makes no qualms about its message either:

“They lied about repealing Obamacare. Now Mitch McConnell’s DC slime machine is spending millions spreading lies about Roy Moore, bearing false witness. Why? We know why. We all know why. Roy Moore is honest and Roy Moore is his own man. And Roy Moore fears God, stands for the Constitution, fights for what is right and believes what we believe. Drain the swamp. Send McConnell a message. Send them all a message. Roy Moore: Senate.”

With sanity falling to the wayside in Washington this year, we can only hope that a man like Moore would find himself headed north to D.C. to help the President drain the swamp.

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