Judge Napolitano Invited to Trump Tower! [VIDEO]

Donald Trump asked Judge Napolitano for his advice on the next Supreme Court Justice!

Judge Napolitano has been an extraordinarily faithful Constitutionalist, conservative, and libertarian who comments a lot on Fox Business News.

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And yesterday Donald Trump invited Judge Andrew Napolitano over for a chat.

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Here is a later interview when he had caught his breath and collected his thoughts. He also got to address the allegations that the Russians were responsible for the Wikileaks release of emails that helped Trump.

Judge Napolitano first spoke of what he thinks about charges that Russia was behind the leaked emails on Fox & Friends. Here’s part of what he said via Real Clear Politics:

United States intelligence agents who did not want this woman in charge of the federal government and exposing more agents and more resources and undercover access in the Middle East to who they truly are and where they were…

There’s one spy agency, the NSA, it produces the raw data; the FBI looks at it and interprets it one way, the CIA looks at it and interprets it another way. The CIA may have a desire to make Mrs. Clinton look good or Donald Trump look bad… 

There’s a whole world out there that is below the fold, below the radar scope that we don’t know about, which is the intelligence community. They have rivalries between them. They have ideological predilections. They have the same shortcomings as the rest of us. In intelligence, raw data — if it were here, it would be difficult for the four of us to interpret it. But I can tell you this: two groups of two people looking at the same data can read the same thing and interpret it 180 degrees differently from each other. That’s what happened here.

So when Donald Trump says the Russians did not hack Mrs. Clinton, he’s right. Somebody leaked from Mrs. Clinton’s emails, but nobody went in there and altered her operational systems, which is what hacking does.

If you want to change the outcome of an election are you going to alter the candidates operating systems or are you going to alter the systems of the people who register the voters and count the votes?…

Given the fact that, so far, we’ve seen absolutely no evidence, the testimony of Judge Napolitano seems perfectly reasonable. The Russian story would be possible too, but the fact that Obama and the media is berating and bullying us into accepting it on the basis of their own credibility makes me really doubtful. They have no credibility!

Judge Napolitano, however, cannot be accused of pushing a theory because it makes Donald Trump look better. Napolitano simply does not flatter. Only a couple of months ago he was writing about how Trump and Clinton may share core beliefs:

What if the first priority of both is not to decrease the size and scope of government but to expand it? What if they both believe that the federal government may lawfully and constitutionally right any wrong, tax any behavior and regulate any event? What if they both want to add a few thousand new employees to the federal payroll, give them badges and guns and black shirts, and engage them as federal police to insulate the federal government further from the people and the states?

Yet Trump sought his counsel anyway.


Maybe it is because Judge Napolitano was mistaken when he wrote in September. But maybe it is because Trump put together a coalition that includes Christians and conservatives by making promises and he intends to keep those promises. He wanted to get Judge Napolitano’s advice to make sure he fulfilled those promises.

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