Roy Moore

Judge Moore Presses on In Alabama Senate Race, Fights Establishment

The modern political era is rife with straw men willing and able to do whatever it takes to stay elected.  Luckily, good men still exist in the halls of government.

Such is the case of Judge Roy Moore of Alabama.  The fiercely conservative figure in the Alabama senate race has long been considered the right’s choice when it comes to social issues, facing suspension and career-ending malice on more than one occasion.  Still, Moore continues to fight on.

Now, in the face of massive elitist opposition, the story is no different.  The special election to be held in Alabama this year will certainly shape the state’s foreseeable future, and one establishment candidate is hoping to seal up that premonition with more of the same, politically speaking.

“Republicans in Washington, D.C., are fiercely lining up behind Sen. Luther Strange in this year’s special election to finish the U.S. Senate term of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and the nation’s best known state judge says he is ready to battle big GOP dollars in the primary and defend the Constitution in Washington.

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“’I think I can take the values of this state and my particular qualifications to the Senate to help us get this country back to what it should be,’ Judge Roy Moore told WND and Radio America. ‘I have had a lot of study in the Constitution of the United States. I understand its meaning, and I understand how far away we’ve drifted from that document. Underlying all of this is virtue and morality, which comes from God, and we’re trying to deny that God upon which our morality is founded.’

“Moore is most famous for twice being elected chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court and effectively removed twice as well. Moore lost his job the first time in 2003 for refusing to obey a federal court order requiring a Ten Commandments monument to be removed from the court.”

Moore’s commitment to America is unparalleled in modern politics, which has devolved into a terrible parody of itself in recent years.  Where most politicians are busy trying to stay elected, Roy Moore has kept busy truly governing, and, in the process, putting a whole mess of other politicians to shame.

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