John McCain

John McCain Takes Vicious Stab at Rand Paul, Clinging to Relevance


John McCain has been an extremely divisive figure in the republican party for some time, and his defiance has grown enormously in the age of Donald Trump.

There is no beating around the bush here:  John McCain and Donald Trump are not on good terms.  The long-time senator from Arizona is no fan of the newly elected President.  Never has been.  But McCain’s legacy as a career politician has in no way bestowed him with any class or tact.  In fact, one could make the argument that McCain has lost his sense of diplomacy in recent years, swiftly transforming into some iteration of the old curmudgeon stereotype who believes that if it “stick in his craw” that it should also stick into yours.

Given his disdain for Donald Trump, many found it peculiar when McCain made an early day jab at fellow legislator Rand Paul.

You see, Paul had written in incredibly poignant and well-versed editorial at in which he tested President Trump’s decision to strike a Syrian airfield from which a heinous chemical weapon attack had originated.  Rand, who every now and again epitomizes the most virtuous characteristics of his father, took trump to task for his military engagement being unapproved by congress.

That’s when John McCain got grumpy.

“Friday on CNN’s ‘The Situation Room,’ while discussing Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) calling the U.S. missile strikes in Syria unconstitutional, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) said he does not ‘pay any attention’ to what Paul says because, ‘He doesn’t have any real influence in the United States Senate.’

“McCain said, ‘I don’t really react to Senator Paul. We’re just too different, and he doesn’t have any real influence in the United States Senate.’

“He continued, ‘I don’t pay any attention, frankly, to what Senator Paul says.’”

McCain’s dismissive tone is indicative of his recent attitude.  The long-time legislator has been becoming increasingly difficult to work with for both democrats and republicans, leading many to characterize him as the poster child for congressional term limits.

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