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John McCain KILLS Obamacare Repeal

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Ding-Dong, the GOP must be dead.

Earlier this morning, three GOP Senators joined with the Democrat caucus and put the final knife into the back of the American taxpayer.

Senators Susan Collins (R-ME), Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), and John McCain (R-AZ) ensured that Obamacare would continue to be enshrined in American law for the foreseeable future.

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They also made sure that the American people would continue to get screwed by the socialist dictates of the Democrat Party and the wanton greed of the corrupt cronies who worked with the Democrats in the insurance industry.

President Trump didn’t sound surprised when he learned that the GOP caucus in the Senate is a pile of spineless, ungrateful liars.

While Collins and Murkowski are as much Democrats as they are Republicans, the real betrayal, the one most Americans didn’t see coming was handed down by Senator McCain.

We’ve long known that McCain was almost as useless as Arlen Specter used to be, I’m pretty certain that even the most cynical among us was shocked to see him cast the deciding vote and ensure his legacy as a traitorous, lying wretch.

Those are harsh words for a dying man, I know. But McCain was as ardent as the rest of the GOP over the last decade when he traveled the country promising to repeal Obamacare. He lied. He lied a lot.

GOP leaders spent hours begging McCain to consider what he was doing, but in the moments leading up to his vote he was seen collaborating with his friends in the Democrat Party, no doubt ensuring that he’d be paid handsomely for his treachery. Whatever the Democrats said, and whatever the GOP argued… in the end, McCain chose to side with the horrific Obamacare law.

McCain’s colleagues were so surprised by his treachery that an audible gasp could be heard as he completed his terrible task:

The Hill has the play by play:

In a dramatic early Friday morning vote, the Senate voted down the Republican effort to overhaul the U.S. health insurance system, 49-51, with GOP Sen. John McCain of Arizona’s dramatic “no” — to gasps in the chamber — providing the key vote to send the bill to defeat.

Lobbying from top GOP leaders, McCain’s colleague from Arizona Jeff Flake, Vice President Mike Pence and a swath of Republicans were not enough to sway McCain. Pence himself spent more than 20 minutes trying to get McCain to change his mind…

Before he cast his “no” vote, McCain had gathered with a sizable group of jovial Democrats on the other side of the Senate chamber. He returned to the Republican side, walking right past Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky…

“This is clearly a disappointing moment,” McConnell said after the vote gaveled down. “I regret that our efforts were simply not enough — this time.”

Now what?

The GOP lied to us. In an interview earlier this week former GOP leader, Eric Cantor (R-VA), admitted that leadership never believed that they’d actually repeal Obamacare. Here’s what he said in an interview with the Washingtonian:

Asked if he feels partly responsible for their current predicament, Cantor is unequivocal. “Oh,” he says, “100 percent.”

He goes further: “To give the impression that if Republicans were in control of the House and Senate, that we could do that when Obama was still in office . . . .” His voice trails off and he shakes his head. “I never believed it.”

He says he wasn’t the only one aware of the charade: “We sort of all got what was going on, that there was this disconnect in terms of communication, because no one wanted to take the time out in the general public to even think about ‘Wait a minute—that can’t happen.’ ” But, he adds, “if you’ve got that anger working for you, you’re gonna let it be.”

It’s a stunning admission from a former member of the party leadership—that the linchpin of GOP electoral strategy for the better part of a decade was a fantasy, a flame continually fanned solely because, when it came to midterm elections, it worked. 

But what is most disgusting is that THEY COULD HAVE REPEALED IT.

Look at how close they were.

The Senate was just 2-3 votes shy of repeal during the entire debate. The House finally came together on a bill that, while still awful, was far better than Obamacare.

The realization must be that while the Democrats obviously have no understanding of how “the market” works, and they care more about power than they do freedom, at the end of the day this is the fault of the GOP leadership for not working over the last 5-8 years to ensure that they would have the votes when the time for repeal finally came.

The GOP has failed us.

Sadly, with another midterm election quickly approaching we have a choice to make. Yes, we can punish the GOP by refusing to support their election, but what good would that do?

We would only end up hurting ourselves.

Instead, we must ensure that the most conservative Republicans win the primaries in their states and then that we do our very best to ensure their election come November 2018. Candidates like Dr. Kelli Ward in Arizona, and Judge Roy Moore in Alabama – only with true believers like these (like us) can we hope to turn back the tide of socialism and revive the spirit of freedom and entrepreneurship that our country so desperately needs.

The time for action is now. I know we’re tired. I know we’re disappointed. But we can’t let the McCain’s and the Schumer’s of the world win, our children deserve better. They deserve the opportunities that we had and that we squandered. Now is not the time to rest, now is the time to stand up and fight back more boldly than ever before.

Our nation needs us. Don’t give up now.

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