John Kerry Tries to Calm the World Media about Donald Trump

In a very interesting exchange with the world media, Secretary of State John Kerry found himself in the awkward position of trying to soothe the concerns of worldwide liberals in regards to President-elect Donald Trump.

I’m pretty sure that Kerry never imagined he’d be forced to defend Trump, in an attempt to make him seem reasonable to the liberals around the globe… but that is exactly what he was forced to do on Wednesday. During a press conference at NATO HQ in Brussels, Belgium on Wednesday Secretary Kerry tried his very best to put the world at ease.

The relevant portion begins at 21:40 into the video:

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Nicolas Revise, AFP: You just said that the commitment of the United States to NATO, yesterday you said in Berlin that ‘we are going to be OK.’ But I would like to ask you how worried you are, and what you could do to make sure that what you call yourself as “major acheivements” including trans-Atlantic trade and security ties, the Iran deal, the climate change agreement…

Secretary of State John Kerry: Obviously, I don’t think anybody is in a position to give a 100% guarantee, because not all the people have been chosen. Those decisions are going to be made over a period of time, around a table, with a lot of debate and discussion. 

But I am confident in Mattis as a first rate soldier, qualified general. He has been here, he knows this place. He understand these things. And I’m quite confident that they will remain committed to the fundamental core of NATO and the EU. I’m confident of that…

So let’s see where we are. I believe in the end, common sense will prevail. We’re already seen indications of that with respect to the amount of wall [on the border with Mexico] or the fence, or whatever it is being called now. The president-elect expressed openness on the subject of climate change, and just yesterday his daughter met with Al Gore. And is gathering information about it…

In addition to that, I understand that President Obama had a good conversation with the president-elect about the Iran nuclear agreement, and there was a sense in that conversation –without violating anything– that is should be held onto…

I just think it is a waste of time– I mean it is human, and I understand the anxiety. But let’s not get all churned up over things that haven’t happened yet and decisions that haven’t been made.

My hope is that facts and science and common sense and our mutual interests are going to be well thought through and measured in ways that will produce good decisions, not just in the interest of our country, but in the interests of our alliance, our partnerships and friendships, our allies, and I continue to believe that that will happen. I think that there is every indication that there is openness, at least at this point in time.

I wonder if it actually pained Kerry to spend time reassuring folks about Trump’s presidency? I for one, enjoyed every second of his defense.

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