John Kerry

John Kerry: It’s Russia’s Fault We Bombed Assad’s Troops [VIDEO]

Supposedly, “we regret” killing at least 83 fighters against terrorism but it’s all Russia’s fault.

How can we regret what we did yet call it Russia’s fault? Hear John Kerry for yourself:

Kerry’s pseudomoral posturing is hard to take—though in is far surpassed by the gratuitous mass murder we so casually committed—”by accident” I’m sure. We not only conduct illegal bombing but then condemn Russia for complaining about it. According to Jason Ditz at,

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Russia responded to the bombing by calling an emergency UN Security Council meeting, leading US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power to publicly blow up, furiously slamming the meeting as “a magician’s trick” and “a stunt,” insisting the Syrian government is fully to blame for what’s happening in Syria, and the meeting is a “diversion from what is happening on the ground.”

Power continued to rave against Russia, insisting the Russians were trying to score “cheap points” by making so much of the US killing scores of Syrian soldiers who were defending the Deir Ezzor airport from ISIS, and saying that the only way forward was for Russia to stop criticizing the US and instead start demanding the Syrian government participate in the ceasefire. This was in spite of Syria’s government not being accused of a ceasefire violation here, and again, the US already having admitted to directly, albeit mistakenly, attacking and killing scores of Syrian troops on a Syrian military base.

Is there any limit to what kind of moral monstrosity we won’t commit and justify?

This reminds me of the kind of stuff I would hear about the old Soviet Kremlin doing when they were caught committing illegal homicides.

Ditz also wrote that, though the US claims they bombed the position by mistake, they admit they never bothered to inform Russia of what they were doing so they were never told they were actually bombing soldiers guarding an airport from ISIS. How convenient!

Ditz calls the bombing perhaps “the single biggest blunder of the entire US war in Syria.” He’s being rather charitable. A much simpler and more credible explanation is that Donald Trump is right about Barack Obama being the founder of ISIS, and the military is following his orders.

No, says the Administration, it is also Russia’s fault.

The Ron Paul Institute reported more details about the “ceasefire” (emphasis added):

This dramatic development comes as the latest ceasefire begins to crumble. Russia has condemned Washington’s refusal to implement a key component of the agreement, to press US-backed rebels to cease fighting alongside al-Qaeda; and the main US-backed “moderate” Islamist group, Ahrar al-Sham, has refused to take part in the ceasefire at all.

By the way, lying to cover for terrorists is nothing new to Samatha Power.

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