John Kerry Calls President Trump “Childish”

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John Kerry recently appeared on the left’s favorite network, MSNBC, to criticize a President who has done more for his nation in just 8 months than Kerry did during his entire lifetime in politics.

Kerry was speaking about President Trump’s Tour de Force speech before the United Nations when he criticized the President for being mean to North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

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The president gave a speech about America first, which winds up, in effect, I think, making America last and diplomacy last, or making America alone, fundamentally. It pushes people away. I mean, this childish kind of — the rhetoric, I mean, if name-calling was going to solve this problem, Donald Trump would have already solved the problem. So, that’s not going to move anybody to do what you have to do. You have to ask yourself, is America safer because of ‘Rocket Man?’ Did we bring anybody to the table as a consequence of that language? You don’t give a speech at the United Nations to talk to your base. You have plenty of opportunities to do that. You give a speech at the United Nations to bring people to the table.”

Meanwhile other Democrats had praise for President Trump’s posture toward North Korea, even if they didn’t think the rhetoric he used was helpful.

Democrat Representative Andre Carson (D-IN) praised the President for being “resolute” against our enemies and being willing to stand firm where others might equivocate.

Wolf Blitzer: “What do you think of his words, when he said if necessary the U.S. ‘will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea’? And he also referred to Kim Jong Un once again as ‘Rocket Man.’”

Rep. Andre Carson: “Well, President Trump is being who he is. He’s provocative. He’s entertaining. And some people would say he’s resolute. I think that his language would be offensive to others because it might not set the right tone in terms of establishing diplomatic relationships. I do, however, believe — to President Trump’s credit — that you have to be firm, particularly with our enemies, particularly those who have threatened  to do us harm. You have to be very firm. I don’t think it’s a chance to dance around the issues….

We have to be firm with our open enemies. Having said that, in our firmness, we should not ostracize our allies who are trying to keep the peace.”

Rep. Carson (who I usually disagree with) hits the nail on the head here. Maybe some of President Trump’s rhetoric is unnecessary, but let’s be honest, did Obama’s smarmy treatment of North Korea or Iran ever do us any good diplomatically?


What Kerry fails to realize is that 8 years of Obama/Clinton/Kerry policy and rhetoric we had made no headway towards solving any of our foreign policy problems. Meanwhile in just 8 months of the Trump era we’ve gained more ground toward defeating our enemies and securing our interests than we ever did in the Obama era.


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