John Kasich Says McCain Should Get to Keep Senate Seat Without Voter Approval

Also, John Kasich says Trump should endorse Republicans even though he refuses to endorse Trump.

When John Kasich says stuff like this, I thank God he wasn’t able to engineer the Republican convention to nominate him.

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How can Kasich act like it was wrong for Donald Trump to delay endorsing Paul Ryan even though he still refuses to endorse Trump?

And why did he never criticize Ryan when he hesitated to endorse Trump?

I’m sure he will claim he was joking about McCain deserving to be a lifetime Senator, but I think the joke was something of a political Freudian slip. It shows us how the elite view themselves and their gargantuan sense of entitlement.

Finally, what are we to make of John Kasich’s claims to be helping other candidates. He couldn’t win any state beside his own Ohio! How many Arizona residents does Kasich think will vote for John McCain because he goes there and campaigns for him? It seems that the same overactive imagination that assured us Kasich would win the Republican nomination is still at work.

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