Kasich Gives Trump This Advice On Winning The White House [VIDEO]

After dropping out of the race because few wanted him, John Kasich gives advice to the GOP not to alienate Hispanics.

It seems preposterous that John Kasich gives advice on how to win the Presidency, but his delusional arrogance knows no bounds! According to Fox News,

Republican John Kasich says his party will have a hard time winning the White House if candidates are “bashing Hispanics, turning off African-Americans” and failing to excite young voters.

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Kasich spoke to CNN in his first major interview since exiting the GOP presidential contest earlier this month.

Of course, you know this is all about bashing Donald Trump. The next paragraph admits it.

He says he’s skeptical of Donald Trump’s ability to unite the party and Americans. He says he hasn’t yet decided whether he’ll back the near-certain Republican nominee, adding that he’d like to see more positivity and more consistent policy positions from Trump.

First of all, John Kasich dropped out of the race because he was such a loser and Trump got vastly more votes. It would have behooved Kasich to worry more about winning voters from every possible group rather than about alienating minority groups.

Secondly, Donald Trump isn’t bashing Hispanics. Opposing criminals illegally crossing the border is not an attack on all Latinos. By equating all Americans of Mexican or South American descent with lawbreakers, Kasich is joining the Hillary Clinton campaign. If I thought he was capable of the feeling, I would say that Kasich should be ashamed of himself.

And because of that, Trump is polling better among Hispanics than Mitt Romney did in the 2012 presidential election.

In fact, it is because Hispanics don’t hate Trump as much as Liberals expect them to that Trump has passed Clinton in the polls. Watch the video below and especially note the comment about the Latino vote at 5:17.

Donald Trump has pulled past Hillary with a coalition that includes more Hispanics than anyone thought would support him. Iowa College professor Jeanne Zaino points out that Trump doesn’t need to win all Hispanics or all women or all African Americans. He just needs to win some of them to come out ahead of Hillary.

John Kasich pretends that minorities are each a group mind. But why should they be? Whites aren’t.

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