John Kasich Lashes Out At Reporters Yet Again [VIDEO]

We know how easily John Kasich gets offended, but why don’t his handlers convince him to calm down?

This Associated Press video, posted on YouTube, is deliberately edited to hide how John Kasich gets offended with reporters.

Here’s the video from CNN:

Raw Story quotes Kasich:

“What’s the big deal?” he quipped. “We’re going to go to a convention, it’s going to be an open convention. And the delegates will pick that person who can do the best in the fall.”

“This sounds like desperation, sir,” one reporter noted.

“Me!” Kasich shot back. “No, I’m not desperate, are you? Are you desperate? Because I’m not.”

The Ohio governor added that reporters should “have a little bit of civility when you do your job.”

“I’m not going to spend resources in Indiana, he’s not going to spend them in other places. So what? What’s the big deal?” Kasich said. “You folks have been counting me out before I even got to New Hampshire. And now we can’t jam all of you into this diner. I mean, everybody chill out!”

If this was a fluke it wouldn’t be important. But this is John Kasich’s standard practice! I don’t expect the bottom candidate to admit to being desperate, but why lecture reporters on civility for asking questions? Given John Kasich’s level of delusion, he probably isn’t desperate. The fact that he has now forced the [score]Ted Cruz[/score] campaign to work with him is a victory for Kasich—almost as important as winning a single state where he is governor.

Ted Cruz has given Donald Trump some fierce competition. But it would have been easier if Rubio had not stayed in when it was obvious he couldn’t win and if Kasich didn’t look forward to being imposed on an unwilling Republican base. Now it looks like he sees that a “stop Trump” strategy and a contested convention are his only hope.

Given how much the Republican establishment hates Cruz, I doubt that is much of a hope.

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