John Kasich Confirms: Trump asked Him to be VP!

John Kasich (R-OH) dropped a bit of a bombshell on CNN this past Sunday when he confirmed what many had recently been whispering… Donald Trump floated the idea of making him his Vice President!

It’s kind of shocking because in the last few weeks (particularly around the Republican National Convention) Mr. Trump has lambasted Governor Kasich while openly mocking and deriding him.

Donald J. Trump’s chief adviser used the first day of theRepublican National Convention on Monday to excoriate Gov. John R. Kasich for not endorsing Mr. Trump, touching off a remarkably bitter exchange between the campaign of the presumptive Republican nominee and advisers to Ohio’s popular Republican governor.

Addressing reporters at a breakfast on Monday, Paul Manafort, Mr. Trump’s de facto campaign manager, accused Mr. Kasich of acting “petulant” for refusing to support Mr. Trump following the governor’s defeat in the Republicans’ presidential nominating process.

“He’s embarrassing his party in Ohio,” Mr. Manafort said of Mr. Kasich, calling the governor’s chief political strategist the culprit behind Mr. Kasich’s strategy of not endorsing Mr. Trump. “Negotiations broke down because John Weaver thinks that John Kasich will have a better chance to be president by not supporting Donald Trump.”

Such a calculation, Mr. Manafort said, is “a dumb, dumb, dumb thing.”

But with Kasich’s comments on CNN it may be that the Trump campaign had reason to be embittered towards the Ohio Governor:


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