How John Kasich was Almost (Not Really) our Next President

The idea that John Kasich could be our next president was scary enough when he threw his hat into the ring last summer. He never got much traction and mostly sounded like the liberal hacks he was trying to convince the RNC that he could defeat in the general election.

Kasich was not even a respectable third place, but now there is talk in the Republican Party about pushing Kasich into the White House. They want to do this by writing him in during the Electoral College.

The Washington Times report

Despite his protestations, Ohio Gov. John Kasich has emerged as the top choice of rogue electors seeking to throw the presidency to someone other than Republican Donald Trump.

Those behind the effort to oust Mr. Trump at Monday’s Electoral College vote spent the weekend urging Republican electors to vote instead for Mr. Kasich, even though he has urged electors not to vote for him.

It is virtually impossible that Kasich could win. Even if half of Trump’s Electoral Votes went to Kasich; all this would accomplish would be to put Clinton into the White House. But one has to wonder what would motivate these people to do such a thing?

They did not call on the Electoral College to defect from the voters of their state in 2000 when it seemed that Bush had won the College but not the popular vote. It seems that there might be a little bit of a scare in the GOP.

There are many looking to Kasich not because he stands for the conservative or the GOP, but because he is establishment. And that is one thing that Trump has repeated that he is not.

What will the people do if they have this win taken from them?

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