John Cusack Goes Cuckoo! Celeb Ready for Coup De Trump!

Hollywood’s anti-Trump schtick has been churning along for years now, with the Tinseltown elite stumbling over one another in order to get a pedantic jab in at the President of the United States.

It’s the “resistance” and their democratic derangement syndrome at its peak absurdity, given that most of these people of interest can say or do whatever they’d like and still not need to perform manual labors for money ever again in thirty lifetimes.  I imagine that sort of security lets you run your mouth a little bit more than the average Joe.

So, every week it seems as though we have ourselves a new celebrity for which we can say “oh, damn.  I really like them, too”.

Enter John Cusack.

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80’s and 90’s actor John Cusack went off on a Twitter rant Tuesday night, calling for Americans to overthrow President Donald Trump.

During his rant, Cusack called Trump “ill, deranged, and dangerous,” and claimed that people need to take to the streets, where “civil disobedience” occurs.

In one his tweets, Cusack tells the left to “occupy the streets and squares until he’s gone”. “until he’s gone?”…what, exactly does that mean?

“occupy streets & squares, & keep going until he’s gone -The job is to make those in power scared. Our job is to scare the shit out of them, because that’s the only way power reacts. Politics is a game of fear. Appealing to its better nature is a waste of time Shut them down”

He also appeared to reference a viral photo, featuring children in cages at the southern border and attributed it to Trump’s immigration policies.

The photo in question was taken during the Obama administration.

These bold calls to action that Cusack so vehemently published this week had a few conservative pundits calling for the Secret Service to pay the actor a visit.

While the left will cry “freedom of speech”, we must remind them that inciting a riot enjoys no such right.

Furthermore, we cannot forget the lessons of nearly a year ago when, two weeks after Kathy Griffin posed for a photograph with a lifelike decapitated Trump, a crazed liberal attempted to assassinate the entire GOP charity baseball team.

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