Joe Scarborough

Joe Calls POTUS “Sociopath” While Begging To Have Him Removed

The media war against President Trump continues to boil this week as the Commander in Chief catches more flack from a sore Joe Scarborough.

Earlier in the week, Scarborough thoroughly satisfied his secret “resistance” base by calling for the President’s removal from office via a fully misunderstood reading of the 25th Amendment.  Worse still, Joe committed this bizarre ideology to the airwaves with an insinuation that Donald Trump is suffering from a severe mental illness that makes him unfit for the office of the President.

Somewhere between his network hopping and Twitter beefs, Joe Scarborough apparently received his doctorate in psychology.

Now, as Trump tweeted right back at the has-been host, Scarborough has once again been forced to go on the offensive, this time attempting to brand the President of the United States as a “sociopath”.

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“The hosts of Morning Joe are using their show to rally members of Trump’s cabinet remove the president from office.

“This cabinet-led coup could happen via the 25th Amendment, host Joe Scarborough said Friday. That amendment to the Constitution, adopted in 1967, deals with replacing a president who is no longer able to ‘discharge the powers and duties of his office,’ which these hosts say applies to Trump due to his apparent mental incapacitation.

“‘If you’ve been around mental health issues in your life … the pressure heightens, it gets worse,’ Donny Deutsch said Friday. ‘And we should be frightened right now. We should be — there is nothing glib about it.’

“‘At what point do you go to article 25? [sic]’ Deutsch asked.”

Then, Joe and his guest went for the jugular.

“‘My mom has dementia,’ Scarborough said. “She had pre-dementia for several years. My father’s death, the pressure of that, is when we really lost her. And so it got exponentially worse very first. The more pressure you’re under in this — if this is, in fact, the problem, the worse it gets.’

“Scarborough said that Trump confidantes agree with him that Trump has ‘mentally devolved.’

“‘I mean, it’s just extraordinary. How much worse can it get?’ he asked. ‘I fear it can get worse, and the people who are professionals in mental health frankly tell me this doesn’t get better. This probably won’t get better. It’s not going to resolve itself somehow. And as you said, he tends to want to escape the people who could keep him on the straight and narrow, so maybe we need to shut down Mar-a-Lago.’

“During a conversation about Trump’s retweets that caught the ire of British lawmakers, Deutsch went further, declaring that this behavior shows he’s a ‘sociopath.’

“’And you know who does things without any thinking about repercussions?’ he asked. ‘A sociopath.’”

It seems likely that the next step for this crazed Joe Scarborough character is to capture the President to see if he floats, thereby determining whether or not he is truly a witch.

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