Joe for America Exclusive: A Big New Announcement from the Trump Team!

Donal Trump has never been a milquetoast politician. He does things his way and wins, despite all the pundits, all the “journalists” and all the beltway insiders telling him he’s doing it wrong. He still wins.

This November The Donald plans to come through on his promise to “Make America Great Again” when he beats Hillary in the General. And in classic Trump out-of-the-box style, the first big push for the home stretch is to literally give America a “TrumpStart”!

In a Joe For America exclusive, we’re breaking the news that the COMMITTEE FOR AMERICAN SOVEREIGNTY is now offering a brand-new, limited-edition Energy Drink called “TrumpStart”  – a campaign collectible available only through their website. You can be a part of this:

Pat Brown, California businessman, entrepreneur and member of the Advisory Committee for the powerhouse Committee for American Sovereignty – in an interview with – says each bottle purchased goes toward their mission of defeating Crooked Hillary and electing Donald Trump! Get this one-of-a-kind collectible today as a memento of the victory in November and your help to get it done.

The PAC will use 100 percent of net proceeds to support the Trump campaign and will fund voter registration programs, strategic get-out-the-vote operations, and targeted broadcast and online media advertising…


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