Jihadist Firebugs Commit Terror Attacks against Israel; Obama Twiddles His Thumbs

[Two women argued before King Solomon, both claiming maternity of the same baby], “until finally he said, ‘Both of you say this live baby is yours.  Someone bring me a sword.’  A sword was brought, and Solomon ordered, ‘Cut the baby in half!  That way each of you can have part of him.’  ‘Please don’t kill my son,’ the baby’s mother screamed.  ‘Your Majesty, I love him very much, but give him to her.  Just don’t kill him!’  The other woman shouted, ‘Go ahead and cut him in half!  Then neither of us will have the baby.’  Solomon said, ‘Don’t kill the baby.’  Then he pointed to the first woman, ‘She is his real mother.  Give the baby to her.’  Everyone in Israel was amazed when they heard how Solomon had made his decision.  They realized that God had given him wisdom to judge fairly.”  —King Solomon’s Judgment, 1 Kings 3:16-28


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Israel Is under Attack

Although Israel has been under terrorist attack by fire, President Obama has turned his back on Israel, America’s closest ally in the Middle East.  But, of course, Obama’s policy has always been to support the Muslims and harm the Jews.  Obama contends that the Israelis are actually occupiers of Arab land who have committed the crime of exiling Palestinian Arabs from their homes.


Israel: Just Whose Holy Land Is It?

Recently, the Muslims of Gaza, who claim that Israel’s land rightfully belongs to them, have been dancing in the streets with joy—pure schadenfreude—over the destruction being wrought upon the Land of Israel by Jihadists in the name of Allah.  “Please Allah, let Israel burn entirely, Amen,” one Mohammed Almasri tweeted out from his Twitter account on November 23, 2016. (https://twitter.com/sahar33335)

Muslims, in the midst of the Holy Land’s fiery destruction, are proving themselves to be ineligible claimants to that land, just as the false mother in King Solomon’s Judgment proved her own ineligibility; for, on social media, there has be a great outcry from the Muslim world wishing the ultimate annihilation of the living land that is Israel.  If the Land of Israel were the baby in the story previously referenced, the Muslims are the party crying out to “[g]o ahead and cut him in half!  Then neither of us [Muslims or Jews] will have the baby.”


The Truth about Israel’s History

In 1312 BC, centuries before King David ascended his throne, Israel became a sovereign nation, two thousand years before Islam arose.  When not occupied by other empires, the only sovereign state ever to exist upon the Land of Israel has been a Jewish state, now in its third incarnation.  Arab Palestinians never existed as a group by that name before 1967, when these Arabs started calling themselves Palestinians to validate their claim to the land.

In an attempt to share the land with these Arabs, the Jews of Israel—nineteen years prior, in 1948—invited them to stay in the newly-formed State of Israel, offering them the same rights as Jewish citizens.  Those who remained enjoy more freedom today than the Arabs of any Muslim-majority country.  They hold political offices, government jobs, and serve in the military.

The Jews have maintained a presence in Israel, continuously, for 3300 years, having never abandoned the Holy Land altogether.  After the Holocaust brought about the murder of six million Jews—one third of world Jewry—many decided it was time to return to the Jewish homeland.  This was the land of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, King David, King Solomon, and of the Jewish holy city—Jerusalem—that is mentioned in the Hebrew Bible over 700 times.  (Interestingly, the Koran never mentions Jerusalem, not even once!)


America Almost Did Not Help Israel, Due to Obama’s Unwillingness

America did not help Israel fight fires, until quite late in the game, due to Obama’s anti-Semitic mindset with regard to issues affecting Israel.  It must not be forgotten that Obama has been working towards Israel’s destruction for his entire presidency and has given 150 billion dollars to the terrorist state of Iran, making America, for the first time in her history, a sponsor of Islamic terror.  One might speculate that some of that money is being used to reward firebug Jihadists in Israel right now.

Israeli officials said that ten firefighting aircraft from Greece, Italy, Croatia, Cyprus, Turkey, and Russia were helping Israel to douse the flames.  It is shameful that America stood by and did nothing to help for so long.  America could have at least sent helicopters early on, to help battle the blazes, but instead chose to wait.


Israel Still Needs Help

If you care about the Land of Israel, please do what you can to help out by giving up that next Starbucks coffee or two and donating five or ten dollars—or more, if you are so inclined.  Israel has been ravaged by fires for many days, although America’s anti-Semitic, Democrat-controlled media outlets (such as CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, et al.) have refused to report extensively or fairly on this latest spate of Muslim terror attacks.  As a result, many Americans still have no clue that Israel has been battling terrorist-caused fires.  Although many of the blazes have been extinguished, Israel still finds itself in need of help, but now the need is for financial help, in meeting the needs of homeless and displaced persons.

For Americans who wish to help Israel—in spite of the Muslim Brotherhood-run administration that still sits in Washington, DC, until January 20th, 2017—go online or call your favorite charity to find out about how you can contribute.  No donation is too small.


Dr. Paul Revere

Dr. Paul Revere is a patriot who believes in the ethic of Equal Protection afforded to all Americans under the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. According to Dr. Revere, the job of our democratic republic is to safeguard our natural rights against tyranny, so that all people might live in freedom and safety, and anyone who stands in direct opposition to this ethic is an enemy of the American people who must be fought and defeated. Dr. Paul Revere is author of Teach Your Children the Truth About Islam: Parents & Teachers: Safeguard Your Families Against Miseducated Media & Apologist Educators, which is available in trade paper for $5.99 or as a Kindle download for $0.99 (https://www.amazon.com/Teach-Children-Truth-About-Islam/dp/1530128749).

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