JFK Files Reveal Salacious Government Smear Campaign Against MLK Jr.

The massive release of over 3,000 files regarding the assassination of John F. Kennedy has provided Americans with a whole lot of historical information to sort through.

Conspiracy theorists have long been obsessed with the events of Dallas, Texas in September of 1963.  From the ever-prevelant second shooter theory, all the way to the “Babushka Lady”, there are a million and one interpretations of how things went down in Dealey Plaza, and these newly released documents have spawned more questions than answers.

Some extremely peculiar bits of information have been revealed in a collateral manner as well, with issues not at all related to JFK’s assassination being disclosed as well.  Startling concerns over Adolf Hitler’s likely escape to Argentina, for example, where newly released files show that the CIA was in Argentina searching for the Nazi Fuhrer as late as 1955.

In a batch of files released on Friday another prominent mid-century leader was mentioned as well, albeit on the opposite end of the cultural spectrum, in a newly revealed attempt to smear civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. 

“A dossier on Martin Luther King Jr. claims the civil rights leader possibly fathered a child out of wedlock, and had an affinity for orgies.

“The data, part of the JFK files recently released by the National Archives, also includes the assertion that singer Joan Baez was among the multiple women with whom King allegedly had affairs, the New York Daily News reported.

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“Described in the 20-page report is a ‘two-day drunken sex orgy in Washington, D.C.’ that was linked to an event that King attended, the Washington Examiner reported.

“The dossier cites information obtained from ‘a responsible Los Angeles individual,’ who was said to be a relative of King’s alleged lover — who was described as the wife of a prominent black dentist. The source said King may have fathered a baby girl with the woman, the Daily News reported.

“The informant was said to have met King in 1960, and claimed that King had affairs with multiple women, including Baez.”

This bizarre bit of collateral information will only spread doubt and fear about the true intentions of our federal government and the intelligence agencies who are tasked with providing us a certain level of safety.

Instead, more government corruption is being disclosed in especially sensitive societal realms, such as race relation, while the radical left is on the very precipice of Civil War.  Theses files pertaining to Martin Luther King Jr. will likely spur further retaliation against our government over the weekend, in which thugs from the Antifa organization are attempting to start a “revolution”.

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