Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions Vows To Fight Back Against Sanctuary Cities


The scourge of illegal immigration to our great nation has been a bitter dividing point among Americans in the months since Donald Trump was elected.

One of the President’s most profound campaign promises was the securing of our border with Mexico via a “big, beautiful wall”.  Of course, the democratic forces of our nation political scene are doing their damnedest to thwart him once again.  Many of these left-leaning leaders are helping to establish so-called “sanctuary cities” around the nation where illegal immigrants can safely live and work without threat of lawful action from the government.

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Now, Attorney General Jeff Sessions is going on the offensive against these unlawful hideouts.

“Sessions highlighted a recent report from the Department of Homeland Security that showed more than 200 instances of jurisdictions failing to honor detainers in the span of just one week. The DHS also identified sanctuary jurisdictions in the report, which included New York City and all of Rhode Island’s state prisons.

“The report detailed illegal immigrants who had been charged with sex crimes and murder that local jurisdictions failed to turn over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. ‘The American people are not happy with these results,’ Sessions said while speaking at the White House.

“He said that he is ‘urging’ states and local jurisdictions to comply with immigration detainers as a ‘condition’ of receiving federal law enforcement grants. Sessions added that ‘the DOJ will take all lawful steps to claw back any funds to a jurisdiction that willingly violates 8 U.S.C. 1373.’”

Sessions’ move will be a grand catalyst to identifying which locales are truly with the United States or against the United States, in terms of enforcing immigration laws that are already on the books – a red flag denoting opposition to the President as well.



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