Jeff Sessions’ Grandchildren Mocked for Being Asian American [VIDEO]

An MTV “news culture writer” claims that Jeff Sessions’ grandchildren were taken from Toys-R-Us because they are Asian.

Some of Jeff Sessions’ grandchildren are Asian because his daughter married and had children with an Asian-American. The media finds that inconvenient because the want the American public to believe that Sessions is a White supremacist. Thy don’t typically state the lie outright, because it is obviously ridiculous. But that is plainly their agenda. The need to put forward such a deception is to try to prevent Sessions from becoming Attorney General of the United States.

So, what to about Jeff Sessions’ inconvenient son-in-law and grandchildren? This became a special problem when Sessions’ extended family came to support him at the confirmation hearings.

Ira Madison III, an MTV “news culture writer” (any reference to news in the context of MTV deserves sarcastic quotation marks), decided that mockery on Twitter would do the trick.

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According to The Daily Caller

Sessions was accompanied by many members of his family, including his four Asian-American grandchildren. The senator’s daughter, Ruth Sessions Walk, is married to John Walk, an Asian-American man.

Madison accused Sessions of stealing his grandchildren from Toys “R” Us for the hearing. He went on to call his grandchildren a “prop,” brought to mitigate accusations of racism.

Madison then defended his attacks on Sessions’ family before returning to allegations the senator harbors racist sympathies. In addition to writing regularly for MTV News, he is the host of the MTV podcast “MTV Speed Dial.”

Madison deleted the demeaning and racist tweet when he got called on it. Here’s how he defended himself.

Just to remind everyone of what all sane people know: having family show up to support a nominee for public office is absolutely normal. It’s boringly normal. There is nothing contrived about Jeff Sessions’ grandchildren appearing at the hearing. The only way this could be propaganda is if Jeff Sessions had arranged for his daughter to marry an Asian American and have his children in order to show them off at some future time.

Also, the fact is that there is no evidence that Sessions is remotely racist. The charge was created because of political disagreement and it feeds (ironically) on stereotypes about Alabamans and others who speak with a Southern drawl.

Furthermore, there is nothing wrong or sinister about Jeff Sessions’ grandchildren being “used” to demonstrate definitively that he is not a white supremacist or a white separatist. Intermarrying with another race and having mixed race children is the antithesis of such things. If there had been family strife when Jeff Sessions’ daughter told her father that she wanted to marry John Walk, the news would have been trumpeted everywhere by the mainstream media.

As the Daily Caller points out, this is not the first time the Left has attacked the families of those perceived as Right-wing. Melissa Harris Perry did something similar to Mitt Romney:

This was worse than a tweet since it was a planned part of a TV show and involved several people who all thought it was acceptable.

Every day “progressives” show how vile they are. Yet only now do we have a Republican President who is willing to tell the truth about them. No wonder Donald Trump won the Primary. Republicans are tired of dealing with such low attacks.


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