Jealous Angler Abuses FOIA in Attempt to Find Secret Fishing Spot

Governmental overreach takes all shapes and sizes in the modern world, and this latest tale has many believing that the Canadian Ministry of Natural Resources needs to reel it in.

There are few things more relaxing than fishing.  Whether you treat your time on the water in a sporting manner, or if it is simply an excuse to relax with your close friends and a six pack, anglers all across North America love to regal each other with tales of monster catches, the ones that got away, and secret fishing holes.

One such clandestine spot has been on the receiving end of a lot of attention north of the border however, after a Canadian man was seen posing enormous catches from an unspecified body of water.

Jealous fellow fishermen had reached out to Mike Borger of Ontario for information on the magical lake where he was pulling gargantuan fish from, but to no avail.  As far as Borger was concerned, the spot should remain as secluded as possible, not only to preserve the monster trout, but in keeping with the tradition of fishing.

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One envious angler, however, had another idea.

“Having fished in the area for nearly 15 years with breaks in between, Borger has said that he wouldn’t even tell his friends where the fishing hole was, but for one determined fisherman not giving up the location of the lake prompted him to take matters into his own hands, the fishing website GearJunkie reported.

“The fisherman who wanted so badly to know Berger’s secret filed a request with the government using the Freedom of Information Act, demanding to know the locations that Borger had obtained permits to visit for camping.

“Borger learned of this when he received a five-page letter from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry detailing the request, according to CBC News.

“The Freedom of Information Act gives any person the ability to request information from the federal agencies and records. The federal institution then has 30 days to respond to the request and some records can be withheld depending on the agency’s discretion.

“Borger tried to explain his desire for secrecy to the ministry. The ministry wasn’t going along with the effort to make Borger spill his secrets, explaining that it would not ‘confirm or deny the existence of his record to the person pursuing it.’ But it did warn Borger that the unknown asker had the right to appeal the decision, meaning the government could well be exposing Borger’s secret fishing hole in the future.”

For now it seems that Borger’s secret is safe, but for how long?

Borger, for what it’s worth, did given the ambitious sportsman some credit, calling the currently unidentified fellow both “incredibly smart”, but also “underhanded”.

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