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North Korea

Japan and U.S. Conduct Joint Training Drills On Kim Jong Un’s Doorstep

There is an incessant danger emanating from the southeastern corner of Asia, and an allied Naval presence is doing all they can to prepare for the inevitable.

Madman Kim Jong Un and his brainwashed North Korean military have long been rattling their sabers in the general direction of the United States and her allies.  Posturing.  Propaganda.  Whatever you want to call it, the time for allowing bygones to be bygones is long over, and the United States is committed to exerting her presence in the region in a private show of force for one.

Joining America in the choppy waters off of the Korean Peninsula is Japan, whose WWII-era military restrictions limit the size and scope of her armed forces.  That makes the joint exercises being performed by the two nations unique, and perhaps, it lends even more credibility to the dangers of Kim.

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“United States aircraft carriers joined Japanese forces in the Sea of Japan on Thursday for training exercises, creating the largest display of naval power near the peninsula since North Korea’s recent successful missile tests.

USS Ronald Reagan and USS Carl Vinson strike groups trained with 10 other warships, including two carrier air wings, in the routine exercise, according to the U.S. Navy.

 “‘Japan Maritime Self Defense Force (JMSDF) and U.S. Navy forces routinely train together to improve interoperability and readiness to provide stability and security for the Indo-Asia Pacific region,’ the Pentagon said. “

North Korea has been haphazardly firing off a bevy of varying-range missiles in recent months, in a pathetic attempt to frighten the globe into allowing them a seat at the table, so to speak.  Kim Jong Un’s unfathomable atrocities and human rights violations have long kept North Korean in a state of permanent hermit-dom.  Citizens of the rogue nation have no access to information that has not been provided by their tyrannical government that considers leaders such as Kim akin to God.

Furthermore, horrific reports from North Korean defectors who risked life and limb to escape the regime, have outlined a verifiable series of concentration camps in the countrysides of the DPRK.  These camps not only torture and enslave North Koreans, but are also believed to be Nazi-style death camps for the extermination of Kim’s political enemies and their families.


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