North Korea

Japan Sends Unprecedented Force to Assist U.S. with North Korea

As the situation in North Korea moves increasingly closer to war with every threat by Kim Jong Un, the U.S. and her allies are poised and ready to respond.

For one such ally, however, the opportunity to strategically place warships near the Korean Peninsula is a new one.

After Japan’s surrender in World War II, the island nation was internationally restricted from the use of military force unless it was very specifically for self-defense.  Now, 70 years later, after some of those rules have been slightly relaxed, Japan is deploying its largest naval vessel since the Great War to assist the United States in their quest to protect the region from the maniacal North Korean leadership.

“Japan has sent its largest warship to protect an unnamed American supply ship, which is believed to be deploying to resupply the USS Vinson strike group. The deployment of the Japanese warship is the first time the country’s new powers expanding the role of their military have been used.

“The Japanese constitution, ratified after World War II, is pacifistic in nature and does not allow for the use of any military force beyond self-defense. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe expanded the definition of self-defense, however, to include defending Japanese allies, as well as providing logistical support.

“The 800-foot helicopter carrier Izuma left from Yokosuka, which is south of Tokyo, to escort the supply ship to the waters off Shikoku. The strike group that the supply ship is believed to be supporting is in the area in an effort to prevent Kim Jong Un from carrying out a sixth nuclear test.”

Kim Jong Un has promised that a nuclear test could occur in North Korea “at any moment”; an action that would certainly have the effect of removing the U.S. and her allies from the diplomatic table regarding their treatment of the hermit kingdom.  With the USS Carl Vinson in the area, along with Chinese and Russian troops at her borders, North Korea is in for an extremely rude awakening should anything resembling a nuclear detonation take place in the country.


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