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Japan Rethinking Entire National Defense Scheme as North Korea Looms

Tensions in the Pacific Ocean are anything by calm these days, as North Korean madman Kim Jong Un continues his reign of terror on the region.

Kim, who has been antagonizing the U.S. and her allies from day one of his leadership, has ramped up his efforts in recent months by continually testing new and more dangerous missile technology and releasing a number of propaganda pieces that show American cities going up in flames.

His constant threatening of nuclear war with the United States doesn’t only affect those of us in the U.S., but our allies around the globe as well.  One such friendly nation, Japan, has long been on edge concerning the hermit kingdom of North Korea, as their geographical proximity to Kim Jong Un’s missile launch sites has placed them squarely within range of the Pyongyang madman.

Now, after decades of relative pacifism, Japan is eyeing a massive shift in their national defense mechanisms as war with the North Koreans looms large.

“North Korea’s recent test firing of a missile over northern Japan has officials in Tokyo rethinking the country’s long tradition of pacifism.

“Some Japanese leaders say it’s time for a new approach to national defense, one that can include limited pre-emptive strike capabilities and the purchase of additional missiles.

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“Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and the government considered developing a pre-emptive strike policy earlier this year. But facing no immediate threats, the taboo debate quickly faded amid several domestic government scandals.

“Then on Tuesday, North Korea fired a missile over Japan — and reignited Tokyo’s conversation about defense.

“‘Should we possess pre-emptive strike capability?’ the liberal-leaning Mainichi newspaper asked Wednesday, the day after the missile test. ‘But isn’t it too reckless to jump to discuss a ‘get them before they get you’ approach?’

“The ruling party’s hardliners have openly urged the government to revise the country’s military plans, while more moderate security experts said Japan should merely consider changes.”

The latest developments from North Korea do not bode well for peace in the region, and witnessing Japan’s sudden change of militaristic heart denotes a massive shift in Kim’s perceived threats.

Any further action by North Korea in the direction of Japan will surely provoke a response from the United States, who have been working overtime in order to evaluate every possible diplomatic option for dealing with the rogue regime.


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