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Could Japan Move Forward With a Preemptive Strike Against Kim Jong Un?


Southeastern Asia is poised for a long and arduous road ahead as it pertains to the despotic regime of lunatic North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un.

Not only has the dictator from Pyongyang spent much of the last year conducting test after illegal test of medium range ballistic missiles, but he has been alarmingly brazen with the concept of North Korea acquiring nuclear weapons.  No where in the Pacific are they more concerned about this alarming trend than in Japan, a common target of North Korea’s both in rhetoric and in military posturing.

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Now, Japan is mulling a different approach to handling Kim Jong Un and his lunacy:  Hit first.

“JAPANESE lawmakers are calling for new laws to allow Tokyo to launch pre-emptive strikes against an increasingly aggressive Kim Jong-un.

“The maniacal tyrant has angered the entire region with recent missile tests as he seeks to develop his nuclear warheads.

“Discussions surrounding the law change were supported by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and defence minister Gen Nakatani.

“Nakatani told the paper: ‘I believe that we should consider having the capacity to strike.'”

While Japan is legally unable to launch any attacks not directly attributed to self defense, these lawmakers are working overtime to exploit any possible diplomatic loophole that could allow for such a move.

While all of this Japanese legal wrangling is continuing, North Korea has once again ramped up activity at one of its most prolific nuclear facilities while simultaneously ignoring international pressures to cease all missile testing.



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