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James Comey

James Comey Planning to Vindicate Russia Conspiracy in Testimony About Trump

Washington watchers are going to be having a heyday in the next few weeks, as James Comey plans to drop a massive bombshell about his firing at the hands of President Trump.

Before Donald Trump was even elected in an electoral landslide, democratic opponent Hillary Clinton had begun planting the seeds of a massive conspiracy theory attempting to delegitimize the businessman-turned-politican.  The assertions that Clinton and her liberal cronies were shoving down their supporters’ throats linked Trump to the Kremlin, who they claimed were working behind the scenes in order to secure Trump’s rise to power.  Then, presumably, now-President Trump would continue his work as a super secret Russian operative that somehow was elected by the American people.

It sounds absurd because it is absurd.

Now, after the firing of ineffective FBI Director James Comey for his lackluster performance in handling the Hillary Clinton private email case, the left has pounced on this action as somehow fitting into their convoluted Kremlin-contact story.  Worse yet, as Comey prepares to testify in front of congress in the coming days, there are indications that he’ll be backing up much of the leftist narrative.

“The report said Comey could testify as early as next week.

“The New York Times first reported that Comey in February wrote a memo that Trump had asked him to shut down the investigation into Flynn, the former national security adviser. The memo’s existence was confirmed by Fox News.

“The memo reportedly said that Trump said to Comey that, ‘I hope you can let this go.’ The president reportedly was referring to Comey’s FBI’s investigation into Flynn.

“Flynn was forced to resign Feb. 13, the day before the conversation between Trump and Comey depicted in the memo.

“A Comey associate, who wasn’t authorized to discuss details of the testimony, told The Associated Press that Robert Mueller III, who was appointed earlier this month by the Department of Justice to lead the government’s inquiry, is allowing Comey to make certain statements.”

This would be the unfortunate icing on the cake for the liberal “resistance” movement, who has been seeking the ouster of the Commander in Chief for some time.  Comey’s assertion that Trump pressured him to cease his investigation into anything regarding Russia will quickly be elevated by the mainstream media.  Honestly, if Trump were to order a vodka drink the liberal meltdown would be unbearable, let along having a disgraced FBI Director attempting to implicate the President in an instance of obstruction of justice.

Now, as the left waits with bated breath for Comey to validate their nonsense, all the rest of the nation can do if forge onward.

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