Jail to the Wannabe Chief

Letter on the 10/10 Cover of the NY Post


Trending: Trump Official Assaulted by George Soros Operative on Capitol Hill!

On Monday’s cover of the Post there is a picture of Hillary looking like a scared, angry rabbit.


Trump is standing over her like a smug, bored God.


I would rather the country have the superiority of a Trump than the fear of a Hillary, bedded down in the litter box of her perverted husband.


If Hillary is angry at her husband’s constant cheating she should shake her wobbly head at him not at the innocent public.


She should leave the locker room of her hatred and quite picking on Trump for his exaggerated gym gossip.


She should try and and remember if that rumor is true where Yoko said she had sex with her?


She should wonder why she is so attached to a descendent from the Muslim Brotherhood—Huma Abadine?


She should read Macbeth again and see if she is as ambitious and evil at Lady Macbeth?

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