Jail Hillary? How We Know Trump is Committed! [VIDEO]

Donald Trump has doubled down on his claim that the courts should sentence and jail Hillary. He’s taking a risk!

Donald Trump’s call to jail Hillary was probably the best part of his second debate.

If you were tempted to think that was simply a one-liner that Trump tossed out to get cheers from the crowd, rest assured that it was not. It is a part of his campaigning.

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Here’s Yahoo News for example:

Trump slammed his opponent, declaring her a criminal who should be prosecuted for endangering national security by using a private email account while secretary of state, and deleting some 33,000 messages that Clinton said were personal and not work-related.

“After getting the subpoena to give over your emails and lots of other things, she deleted the emails,” a fired-up Trump told supporters in Lakeland, Florida.

“She has to go to jail,” he added, to rousing cheers.

“Based on her crimes, she should not be allowed to run for president. It’s time for a new direction,” he said, to chants of “Lock her up!” from the crowd.

Trump made similar remarks hours earlier in Ocala, another city in the crucial central region of Florida near Orlando.

Obviously, Trump has made this position an essential part of his campaign. While he hasn’t promised to jail Hillary when he is President, he has made it clear that she will not be above the law under his administration.

Naturally, the establishment believes this is some sort of blasphemy against the ruling class. They are treating it like a personal threat. In that way if fits the “Trump is dangerous” narrative they love to push on the American people.

In truth, advocating that the courts jail Hillary if she is found guilty is a bold move. If Donald Trump loses the election that call for justice makes it much more likely that he will end up in prison.

Hillary Clinton is not someone who is likely to forgive the man who says that she deserves prison time. Donald Trump already has our basic institutions stacked against him. Between women who are suddenly accusing him of sexual harassment or assault, and the many court cases being brought against him, it will be easy for the government to find an excuse to jail him. The Republicans won’t defend him. He doesn’t have an FBI Director in his pocket. He’s got nothing but powerful enemies.

His wealth will be useless in a fight against the Federal Government with its resources. They can spend far more prosecuting him than he can spend defending himself. Further, it would probably be easy to prosecute Trump’s children. That threat could mean that Trump would make a deal with the prosecutor.

If Hillary gets to be President, then I believe Donald Trump will get prison.

There is no way that Donald Trump could not know this.

So when you see Trump calling for prosecutors to jail Hillary, you are witnessing a man who has decided he is totally committed to defeating her. He is putting everything he has on the line.

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