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It’s Labor Day and It’s Time to Eliminate Government Workers Unions

It’s Labor Day, so it is time once again to tell you all how bad unions are for America, especially government unions. So, on this Labor Day let’s vow to eliminate them.

What are the best jobs on average in California? Apparently being a government worker. Infuriatingly, government workers live far better, have higher salaries, retire earlier and have better benefits than most everyone in the private sector even though, like leeches, these same government workers live off the backs of the taxpayer.

The worst of all worlds for the taxpayer is a government union. Government unions do nothing whatever for the very people paying the bills. They do not improve services, they don’t professionalize workers, and they wildly grow the waste of tax dollars. Worse, government unions give public servants higher salaries, richer benefits, and earlier retirement dates than the taxpayers footing the bills.

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Even the patron Saint of the liberal left, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, was adamant that government workers should never be allowed to unionize. FDR thought it was “unthinkable and intolerable” to have a government workers union.

It’s for good reason, too. Government workers do not create the profits that might help earn better benefits. Whenever government unions get raises it simply means that taxpayers have to pay more to make up the difference.

But the bigger outrage about government unions is that they cut out the voter from having any say at all in what their own tax dollars go to pay for. When government unions negotiate they do so with other members of government, never the very people forced to pay the bills. Government unions have the power to give themselves allotments from the public treasury at the expense of the taxpayer yet gives those taxpayers no say at all in the matter.

Government unions could not be less democratic or less American.

Thomas Lifson recently described some of these un-democratic riches that government workers in California have afforded themselves and the results are outrageous.

“The average full-time compensation for employees of 55 North Bay cities was $130,172 in 2013, with thousands earning more than $200,000 a year and hundreds more earning more than $50,000 in overtime alone,” Lifson wrote. “Such compensation is significantly higher than that of peers in the private sector.”

Lifson also found that statewide the average pay for a municipal worker was over $120,000 a year.

Tell me, dear reader. Do you make $120,000 a year?

There once was a basic assumption about choosing a career in the public sector. You may never get rich because compensation is lower than in the private sector, the assumption went, but it was a bit more likely that you would have job security because government workers don’t often lose their jobs.

But now you get a government job and you make far more than the private sector, have better benefits, and can never get fired no matter how bad you are at your job or no matter how needless your job becomes.

This is intolerable.

The whole idea of a government union is an illegitimate notion. Government unions should never have existed in the first place and they should be eliminated going forward–yes even for cops and teachers.

Due entirely to the corruption that is government unionism, for instance, California has a massive short fall in its government pension obligations that just in education alone soaks up 85 percent of the operating budget (and that is money stolen for kids’ education).

With all that said, Trump is doing his level best to fix this problem.

An article in the Washington Post cries that President Donald Trump has trimmed thousands of federal workers and cut federal budgets by millions. But let’s hope that he will fire many tens of thousands more useless, expensive, unnecessary government workers before he is done.

So far, one year into his presidency, Donald Trump has trimmed some 16,000 federal workers, the Post says. He has done this by telling workers that there is a freeze on their positions, he has done this by budget cuts and lay offs, he has done this by not hiring replacements for retiring workers or workers that quit, and he has done this by letting government workers know that their gravy train has skidded to a halt causing many to quit for the private sector (or retire).

The president has also inculcated in his department heads a new era of accountability for the duties government workers perform. Trump has let it be known that merely sliding on assuming that their job is permanent regardless of performance is over. This has caused thousands to quit their jobs because they know they cannot show that they are useful workers turning out a necessary product.

Another way Trump has slowed the growth in government is that he hasn’t taken advantage of the power to appoint dozens of top positions within government agencies. This has put a complete halt to more hiring. What usually happens when a new president comes to office is that he puts a load of friends and donors in these positions and then those people go on a hiring spree to put their friends and buddies into open or soon to open federal jobs.

Further more, it is clear from the new culture Trump is instilling in the federal work force that these ideas of accountability, thrift, and cost cutting will continue for his entire four years. This has also dampened the ardor of wasteful bureaucrats who imagined the federal gravy train would never stop gaining speed.

This is all good, of course. But I would like to see many tens of thousands more government workers fired, their pensions cut, and their benefits eliminated.

In essence, if you work for the government, you deserve to be fired. I mean that literally. I really don’t care what you do for government I think you deserve to be fired. In fact, I think that you need to be fired to save this republic. Not only do I want you fired, I want your pension negated. You don’t deserve one.

Except for the military and other first responders, let’s get rid of them.

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