Italy Realizes Refugee Recklessness, Considers Closing Ports to Non-Euros

Europe has been on edge for months, as middle eastern migrants flood into the continent to escape the violence of ISIS and the civil war in Syria.

It is no coincidence that Europe’s recent surge in terror attacks has come at a time when EU member nations are taking in a record number of asylum seekers from the middle east.  ISIS and other caliphate organizations have been taking advantage of Europe’s relaxed border standards in order to disguise their lone wolf operatives as refugees, moving them to the far corners of Europe with astounding ease.  This has caused several EU nations to openly defy the migrant quotas being imposed by their leadership, with Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary leading the charge.  Now, it looks as though Italy may also consider a blockade of potentially dangerous boats full of refugees.

“The Italian government has reportedly asked its ambassador in Brussels to request help from the EU in dealing with the latest migration crisis after it was reported authorities are struggling to cope.

“Ambassador Maurizio Massari met with the European Commissioner for Migration, Dimitris Avramopoulos, yesterday to explain that as a result of thousands of new arrivals Italy is approaching the limit of its capacity. The situation has been described by Massari as ‘unsustainable’.

“According to newspaper La Repubblica more than 12,000 people have arrived in Italy in the last few days alone. More than 8,000 people were rescued in waters off Libya in one 48-hour period this week, Italy’s coastguard claimed.”

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Terrorism isn’t the only concern for many of the old world cities of Europe, as Sweden recently discovered.

Swedish police have been crying for help in recent weeks, as migrant-heavy areas within the nation have become so-called “no-go” zones.  The ever increasing chaos and violence that is occurring within these locales has prompted tourists, native Europeans, and even the police to abandon all hope of visiting.

Italy’s move to block a portion of the migrants would certainly decrease their chances of allowing dangerous jihadists into their nation, following examples set in Europe and abroad.  Starting tonight, the United States will finally install a temporary ban on travel into the U.S. from nations with strong ties to terrorism.  During that moratorium, America hopes to install an “extreme vetting” system that would allow Customs and Border Patrol to more thoroughly investigate the intentions and backgrounds of those entering the U.S.


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