Israeli Housing Minister Floats Bold Idea for Dealing with Syria

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has very few allies around the globe, with Vladimir Putin being one of the few major leaders willing to give him a shot.

Assad’s lack of popularity is not unwarranted, however, as the nearly-tyrannical leader has been violently attacking his own citizens in the name of maintaining his status in the Middle Eastern nation.  While these circumstances would normally be enough to gain a few enemies in compassionate nations, Assad’s horrific tactics are what has set him apart from other international recognized bad hombres.  Chemical weapon attacks, hospital bombings to cover up those attacks, and the burning of bodies are all on his list of evil accomplishments.

It was a chemical attack just weeks ago that led U.S President Donald Trump to batter Assad’s Sharyat airfield with 59 Tomahawk Cruise missiles in a one-time, tactical strike.  Of course, this drew harsh criticism and a threat from Russian leader Vladimir Putin, who vowed to retaliate against the United States should they take action again against Assad.

Now, one of the United States’ most prolific allies has a message for the world regarding how they would handle the monstrous Syrian leader.  And it ain’t pretty.

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“Israel’s Housing and Construction Minister Yoav Galant called for the assassination of Syrian President Bashar Assad following yesterday’s US State Department report that the Syrian regime was using a prison crematorium to hide mass killings outside Damascus, the Jerusalem Post reported.

“Speaking at a conference outside Jerusalem, Galant, a retired Israeli Defence Forces general, said that in light of recent allegations that Assad’s regime carried out mass executions and burned the bodies of the victims, he had to be killed.

“‘The reality in which people are executed in Syria, being hit deliberately by chemical weapons, their bodies being burned, something we haven’t seen in 70 years. In my view, we are crossing a red line. And in my view, the time has come to assassinate Assad. It’s as simple as that,’ said Galant, who previously served as the head of the IDF’s Southern Command. The minister said Assad’s actions in Syria amount to nothing less than a ‘genocide,’ with ‘hundreds of thousands killed.'”

While Israel’s interventionist assertions have certainly been considered by other national powers in recent years, uttering the damning plan out loud has given it new credence.

What is more concerning regarding this bold, bold statement, is that Israel itself would most likely bow out when it came time to commit the act.  Given the controversies surrounding Israel’s influence on the Middle East, and the religious implications of such a maneuver, it is likely that Galant is really asking for another nation to do the dirty work.  Of course, being Israel’s most prominent ally, the United States most likely sits at the top of the Minister’s list of would-be assassins.

Such an action would absolutely draw a response from the Kremlin, and could be the spark that ignites World War III – a conflict that many feel is imminent at this time in history.


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