How Israel and the World are Less Safe Because of the Ransom Paid to Iran

When we heard that several American prisoners were being released from Iran, it seemed like good news. Many of these people had been incarcerated for years. Many were in fearful situations because of their faith. So, to have them released by to the U.S. was great news for them and their families. Then, we found out the cost.

We were told about the $400 Million in cash given to the Iranian government, the first thing that comes to mind is the adage. “We do not negotiate with terrorists.” This is American policy for several reasons. First, it encourages more acts against Americans. With the chance of receiving a ransom, terrorists are emboldened to kidnap more Americans abroad.

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But, there is a situation that has also come from this payoff. This situation is one that is unique because of whom we paid off. With Iran, there is the stated hatred of Israel. And this has given Iran a green light to threaten and attack their mortal enemy.

Breitbart reports

Yet another reason is that the $400 million is part of a larger $1.7 billion settlement that the Iranian regime has already directed to its military, including potential terrorist operations, plus the ongoing war effort in Syria, where Iran has abetted that regime’s staggering atrocities.

But there are still hostages that remain — both direct and indirect. The direct hostages are those Americans that Iran has taken prisoner since the release in January.

And the indirect hostages are the State of Israel, which is in constant danger of attack by Iran or its terrorist proxies; as well as the Jewish people as a whole, whom Iran continues to target in word and in deed.

This payoff is a weak posture for the U.S. globally. Is shows the
Iranians that we can be pushed around and that they can enrich themselves at our expense. But it also shows them that their actions, especially in the region, have no consequences. But worse, the move reveals that the Administration has no intention to confront Iran and Russia concerning Russian air assets in Iran.

This will limit Israel’s options if directly attacked by Iran. It will also threaten a wider conflict for retaliation. As Joel Pollak points out, this will basically hold the whole world hostage to Iran’s whims.

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