Israel is Europe’s First Line of Defense

Europe, Israel is fighting your War. Video edit created by: @101hafakot

This is perhaps one of the best short explanations of what is truly taking place in the world today.

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As extremist Islam continues its long, bloody march across our planet, Israel seems to stand alone in their efforts to stem the violent tide. Sadly, the very people who should be thanking Israel for their heroic and brave stand to defend the West are the ones dealing Israel the most damage.

Suicidal liberals have chosen to attack and undermine the Israeli efforts to preserve the West, by divesting, boycotting, demagoguing, and lying about Israel’s fight for freedom. Instead of joining the fight for freedom, these liberal lunatics have chosen to side with the existential threat that is militant Islamic extremism.

For all of the efforts of ISIS, Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood, and other dangerous Islamic terror organizations… it is the Western Liberal who has done most damage to our cause in the war on terror. Liberals are the Muslim extremists’ best ally in their efforts to dominate the earth and spread Islamofascism.


Onan Coca

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