Israel Conducts Airstrike On Syria in The Dead of Night

Tensions around the globe are on a meteoric rise this month, with the U.S., Syria, Russia, China, and North Korea all involved in some of the shenanigans.

Not to be left out, Israel has thrown their hat in the conflict ring with an overnight airstrike against Syria in which Damascus International Airport was targeted in the dead of night.  This marks the second time this month that the U.S. or her allies have sent live artillery downrange against the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

“Preliminary reports have emerged that an Israeli air raid has targeted Damascus International Airport or its perimeters.

“This cannot be independently verified by Al-Masdar News at this moment however.

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“Photos have emerged of burning fuel or gas at the international airport.

“The reports say that there were five airstrikes against the airport or its vicinity.”

Israel’s involvement in the Syria conflict comes at a time in which the entire situation has grown infinitely more complicated.

After Assad was accused of using illegal and unethical chemical weapons against his own civilians, U.S. President Donald Trump was compelled to action.  Specifically, the newly anointed President conveyed that his daughter Ivanka, a White House staff member, implored him to look into the horrific atrocity personally, claiming that the lives of innocent children were being ended by Assad’s monstrous maneuver.  After determining it necessary to strike Syria, Trump sent a battery of 59 Tomahawk Cruise missiles raining down on the Sharyat airfield, where the chemical attack was believed to have originated.

Furthermore, the Pentagon has floated a shocking theory that Russia was not only complicit in the unethical chemical weapons attack, but may have been involved in the heinous coverup of the incident.  It is believed that, after determining which hospital the survivors were flocking to in order to be treated, Russia then destroyed that hospital to hide the evidence of the attack.

That mighty accusation has sent the Kremlin into the stratosphere of rhetoric, drawing an imaginary line in the sand over any future strikes against Syria by the United States, and threatening military retaliation should the U.S. strike Syria again.

Meanwhile, the Syrian civl war continues to rage, as ISIS and other terrorist organizations have held several regions of the nation.

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