Why Isn’t the Dennis Hastert Pedophilia Story Being Investigated? [VIDEO]

The media seems to expect us to believe that the Dennis Hastert pedophilia story begins and ends when he was a high school coach. Seriously?

I’m not saying that I know that there is more to the Dennis Hastert pedophilia story, but shouldn’t someone be interested in finding out?

According to the Chicago Tribune, after a long time in Congress being “a champion of children,”

Now, prosecutors say Hastert sexually abused five students decades ago when he was a high school teacher and wrestling coach at Yorkville High School.

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And Hastert’s attorneys are asking Judge Thomas M. Durkin to keep him out of jail.

“Despite his mistakes in judgment and his transgressions, for which he is profoundly sorry,” his attorneys wrote, “we implore this Court … to consider the entirety of Mr. Hastert’s life (including the fact that he reshaped his life many years ago).” Hastert, 74, “has enriched the lives of so many over his lifetime, including his family, his employees, his students, his mentees, his constituents, and others who he has met along the way.”

How do we know anything about “the entirety of Mr. Hastert’s life”? The media should at least be interested in his role as House Speaker in the “page scandal.” After all, it certainly puts a new possible meaning on his declaration that “We’re taking responsibility” for it.

Is it likely that a man would risk prison by sexually abusing five minors as a high school coach and not engage is such behavior after he acquired the power of a congressman?

And why hasn’t this been connected to other Republican scandals? Like the charge that Lamar Alexander’s chief of staff was part of a child porn ring. He conveniently committed suicide so we can’t learn more from him, but the media was rather apathetic about the story.

Who knows how far back this goes. Here’s a story of a “call boy ring” that surfaced and then quickly vanished:

And then during George W. Bush’s administration a male prostitute somehow got security clearance under a false name to be a rabidly pro-Bush White House reporter.

The next video starts on Jeff Gannon five minutes in. Notice that Leslie Stahl raises serious concerns that Bill Maher does his best to turn into a joke.

This was happening while Dennis Hastert was speaker. Shouldn’t we revisit “the entirety” of his life? Where are the investigative reporters?

Or maybe the media wants to hide from us the cultural values that are held by our political rulers, even our Republican ones.

Here are some interesting claims. I haven’t investigated them yet, but they are worth considering.



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