Islamic Terrorism, Hollywood, and Obama



Trending: MANHUNT! Radical Leftist Disappears After Promising to Kill POTUS!

I don’t give a fu** about a truck unless it’s used

By a Muslim thug to run over people in Nice.


Nice is nice.

But its reputation has been ruined for a hundred years.


Obama has spread his weakness across the ocean.

Matt Damon has glorified guns

In his Bourne (I wish never)



Damon and Obama sitting in a tree,

Kissing surrender like to die is to be.

Stupid men.


They are against defensive guns but glorify violence

Like it’s sex.


They must get off on a truck;

It’s a giant erection of their killer fantasies without

The guilt of a Kalashnikovs.


Keep on trucking boys.

Keeping on fu**ing up the world.

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