ISIS Video Shows Preschooler Killing Prisoner

Bridget Johnson over at PJ Media has reported on a grisly story about the horrific “education” children are receiving in the diabolical hands of ISIS.

If anybody is still laboring under the delusion that terrorism is somehow caused by U.S. policies, by poverty, by colonialism or any of the other million excuses used by the Left to justify ongoing bloody warfare waged in the name of Islam, the most recent video should dissolve all such notions.

This is evil, pure and simple, in all its horrible glory.

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Spread globally through social media and Muslim TV, the video shows children as young as preschool being taught how to kill by participating in the on-camera murders of several “spies” captured and tortured by ISIS.

The background for the killings is what seems to be an abandoned amusement park or carnival of some sort — you know, the sort of place where children from other cultures might have been taken by their parents for a day of fun, food and pure joy.

Instead, the children of ISIS are led through a post-apocalyptic fairgrounds that would have been a fit hideout for the Joker. The shattered and twisted rides, the broken balls in a dirt-covered ball pit, the rusted rails of a kiddie train ride — it all serves as a grim backdrop that aptly symbolizes the horrific damage done to these children’s minds.

Among other horrors, the video shows a 7-year-old decapitating a man with a knife, then leaving the bloody head on the floor as the carnival ride begins to slowly spin. Another scene shows a preschool-age child shooting a man several times with a small pistol before pointing it up in the air and shouting “Allahu akbar.”

This video comes in close proximity to Sunday’s terrorist attack in Jerusalem, in which a man connected to ISIS drove a truck through a group of soldiers, then backed up over them, killing four and injuring 10.

The “Religion of Peace” has an overabundance of monsters. The reason is obvious to anyone who has made an honest study of the Koran: It’s replete with admonitions to kill infidels, steal their stuff and rape their women. It counsels followers to lie, cheat and steal. It promotes sexual depravity and the treatment of one’s fellow human beings, particularly women, as objects whose only value is their function in serving the cause of spreading Islam over the entire globe.

It does not take any stretch of the imagination to use the Koran to create a society of medieval barbarians. It provides ample justification of the behavior exhibited by ISIS and every other Islamic terrorist group ever. Muslim pirates were the first overseas enemy our country engaged after winning our freedom, and we are still fighting their ideological descendants today.

The monsters have grown bolder in the past eight years because, after President Bush made clear he wasn’t going to tolerate the likes of al-Qaida, Barack Obama bent over and bowed to just about every tinhorn terrorist leader and dictator he could find. Obama’s policies of appeasement have erased the progress made under Bush and left the Mideast a more dangerous place, and the world on the brink of a broader war over Obama’s personal hatred of Syria’s leadership.

Despite the constant drumbeat of terrorist attacks, though, and the Left’s attempts to minimize them, we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that there are good people forced to live under Islam. Many of those would, and do, support a full-fledged reformation of Islam similar to what Christianity went through. I’m skeptical that such a reformation is possible, but those who are nonetheless working for one, such as Ayaan Hirsi Ali, deserve our help and support.

President Trump will have much to sort out to untangle Obama’s mess. Acknowledging publicly what Islam really is will be a necessary start.

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