ISIS Takes Over Southern Philippines, Unrest Grows

In recent weeks, much of the news regarding radical Islamic terror organization ISIS has revolved around their actions in Europe, but now, the group has pushed a massive rebellion in the South Pacific as well.

The muslim militant group has long been waging war on all non-Islamic people of the planet, with bombings being concentrated in Europe in recent years.  Thanks to the Syrian refugee crisis, and the subsequent lack of enforcement for many of the continent’s border safety initiatives, ISIS and their ilk have been able to easily and effectively move their operatives into position in nations such as France, Germany, and England to carry out dastardly terror attacks.

Now, in The Philippines, an ongoing Islamic uprising on the southern islands has now been bolstered by radical Islam’s number one group of jihadist warriors, and the leadership in the South Pacific is pulling out all the stops in an attempt to quell the ISIS takeover.

“President Rodrigo Duterte declared martial law for 60 days in the south last week after the militants went on a deadly rampage in Marawi following a failed military raid to capture Hapilon.

“Maute militants flew an IS flag in one of the city’s mosques last year, a local resident said, speaking on condition of anonymity, fearing for his safety. He said they also pressured local Muslim preachers, accustomed to a less-strict form of Islam, not to speak out against them.

“But Acmad Aliponto, a 56-year-old court sheriff who decided not to flee the city, said that while the militants were well-armed, he believes they have little local support, and that the recent violence could turn more people against them.

“‘In the end their relatives and everyday people may be the ones who will kill them,’ he said. ‘Look at what they did. So many were affected.'”

While there are certainly Philippine citizens who are convinced that the Muslim uprising is nothing to be concerned with, the rest of the world is sure to keep a careful eye on the situation.

Underestimating the likes of ISIS was a policy popularized by former U.S. President Barack Obama, who consistently downplayed the severity of the group’s actions at times calling them “desperate” and claiming that they were “on the run”.  In fact, ISIS has proven that they are just as capable as they have ever been, especially in countries with relaxed borders and liberal attitudes toward social justice.

Duterte, a no-nonsense leader of the umpteenth degree, may yet find a way to deter these evil denizens of his southern recesses.  If not, the people of the South Pacific could be in for a rude awakening by radical Islam.

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